Royal Wedding Crafts for Kids

Who doesn’t love a ROYAL WEDDING!! Many moons ago, we got to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate. Now we are back again with a wedding for Prince Harry and Megan. And don’t Harry and Meghan make a wonderful couple? As we did 7 years ago (!!) we will be celebrating with another Street Party. A great way to get the neighbours together and let the kids reclaim the streets for a day. And the day will be full of Royal Wedding Food, Royal Wedding decorations (the red, white and blue balloons have been ordered and delivered) and some Royal Wedding Party games (I think we will have a photo booth and treasure hunt on the day). Whichever way YOU choose to celebrate the Royal Wedding – whether at home or in school – we hope you do find SOME fun ideas to here to inspire your today!! It is an eclecctic mix of Crafts for kids and adults – with the emphasis remaining on the kids!

First published for Prince William and Kate’s Royal Wedding in April 2011. Republished today for Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding! Enjoy!

Printable Union Jack Craft

Let’s start things of with a wonderful Free Union Jack Printable – check out these super fun adn quick to make Union Jack Fortune Tellers.  Get the kids to fill them full of Royal Wedding Trivia and Facts!!

Patriotic Bunting for the Royal Wedding

Child Friendly Tissue Paper Bunting

Liz from Me and My Shadow came up with this cute, festive and above all easy for small hands bunting: all you need is paper, lots of tissue paper and glue… this will definitely keep a wee one busy and get you all set up for the royal wedding. Go visit Liz and read all the detail!x

Potato Print Union Jack Bunting

Now here is another clever idea to do with older children – What Katie Did Next (this link is currently not working.. booo, BUT it is so lovely I wanted to still keep the photo in the round up for you) shows how they designed and made this wonderfully British and lovely bunting. I can just see these flapping in the win for a street party!



Another great version of a Stamped Union Jack bunting is this wonderful bunting by Toddler Approved! Isn’t it cute?!x

easy no sew buntingx

Fabric No Sew Bunting

And if fabric bunting is your thing, but you don’t want to do any sewing, check out one of my first “how tos” with this “no sew bunting“! Bet some lovely blue/ red and white fabric and bobs your uncle!

Another fabulous No Sew Bunting is this string, fabric and glue (!) bunting we made for Incredibusy’s wedding many moons ago. Make this no sew bunting in Union Jack Colours and you havr your street party bunting finished!


If not Bunting how about some Pinwheels!

If you are having a Street Party then some pinwheels in red white and blue are just the ticket. Actually, sod the street party, red white and blue pinwheels are just the ticket regardless! Children always love the wind blowing through these, so get some royal colours and craft away! Visit Moore Minutes for, uhm, more! And here is how to make a CLASSIC PINWHEEL.


Next up Paper Chains!

Traditional Paper Chains

We love a Patriotic Paper Chain. Make a red, white and blue paper chain and you have the perfect Royal Wedding Party Decor! Thanks to our American friends celebrating the 4th of July, we have some lovely straight forward traditional red/ blue and white paper chains. Visit  The Idea Box to see how the made these, as well as more craft ideas you could adapt!

Fabric Paper Chains

Well I know you have all been looking at the wonderful Helen’s Fabric “Paper Chains” all week, so there are not “new”… However they simply have to feature on a Royal party Get Crafty. Again, make these out of some pretty red/ blue and white fabric and you can reuse these time and time again. Add some poppers and you can change the arrangements. Perfect.

Union Jacks Crafts for the Royal Wedding

With both the Royal wedding and the Olypmics this year, Union Jacks are de rigour..

Burlap Cushion

First up is this wonderful burlap cushion, I love how it is totally British and patriotic without being “in your face”. The colour scheme is fabulous and would blend nicely on any sofa.  There is no tutorial as such, but check out the blog post at Crafty Couture by Lauren as it inspirational!



xTealight Holders

These were made again for the 4th of July… but replace the stars with hearts and crowns and I think they would look lovely indeed in your garden, the mantlepiece or a street party. They are fun and quick to make… and look great! Crafts by Amanda does it again!x

Fascinators and Crowns for the Royal Wedding

A wedding isn’t a wedding without some wonderful HAIR PIECES.. check out these tin pie case hair pieces made over on Makezine!

Loo Roll Crowns

Hehehe of course here are some loo roll crowns! What else do you expect, especially if they come from my blog! They are cute simple and lots and lots of fun! The ideas isn’t originally mine, but go and vismit the loo roll crown post, read how we made them and visit the clever original person who came up with the idea! The crowns look cute on the teddies, but I tell you, they are even cuter as party hats for kids and adults alike!

Or how about some Patriotic Hair Ribbons? Super quick and easy to make and the she will feel like a princess!! More on Fun 365!

Printable Tiara

And if you want something really straight forward Free Kids Craft have come up with this super duper easy printable tiara. Take a look and print!

More printable crowns – these were originally made for New Year’s Eve BUT There are some lovely BLANK crowns too! Visit Hattifant for your downloads !

Kings & Queen Crafts for Kids

The lovely Mrs Mactivity is letting RED TED ART readers have this Harry & Meghan Mask Craft for free!!! Isn’t it adorable.. and has a great set of further resources for you to explore here – Mrs Mactivity Royal Wedding!

Harry and Meghan Cake Toppers made from corks. A super quick and easy and oh so cute Cork Cake Topper for this year’s Royal Wedding! See below for Prince William and Kate!

Champagne Couple

Aaah the lovely Kelly at Domestic Goddesque does it again! She made a fabulous nativity set out of Champagne corks and now managed this brilliant royal wedding couple I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I think these should be a collectors item, they are so perfect! And how appropriate to celebrate with champagne corks?!

(This link is no longer available for the public, apologies)


Egg Cress Head King & Queen

These little egg heads made me chuckle! What a wonderfully simple “Royal Craft idea” – they are quick and easy and EVERY child loves an egg cress head. Please visit the Gingerbread House & if you are lucky you may even see some “hair growing”!



Egg Bride & Groom

With Easer just around the corner, eggs really are de rigour, this time we have a little Will & Kate outside Westminster Abbey! I think they are adorable. Head over to Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family to see the photo better. Just too cute!


And which bride would be a bride without a lovely bouquet!! So let’s get crafty with Cathy and make this lovely tissue paper bouquet. Simple. Pretty and perfect for any little princess!

Easy Patriotic Ribbon Wands – these will be fun to play with on the day! By the Lovely Sun Hats and Wellieboots!

Horse & Carriage

And if you are going to a wedding.. you really do need your own horse and carriage – that is how real princesses arrive (what will Kate arrive in I wonder?!?!?)… in the meantime, find a big box, get that hobby horse and make a little girl VERY happy! Sunhats and Wellieboots does it again!


Paper Plate Gold Carriage

Treading on LEGO has a wonderful Paper Plate Gold Carriage craft for kids.. maybe cut out Harry and Meghan from a magazine and add them for that finishing touch?!

Windsor Castle Crafts for Kids

Ok.. maybe not QUITE Windsor Castle Crafts…. but the kids will no less enjoy making these wonderful cardboard castles!

Loo Roll Castle

I know that there are many blogs out there with cardboard box castles lurking in the post history… if you haven’t yet made a castle with your kids, let the Royal Wedding inspire you have a go – make the whole set: a castle, a king, a queen and some crowns… here is our Loo Roll & Cardboard castle, that we made a little while back!

Or if you want it more “magical” how about this Toilet Paper Roll ICE Castle? Gorgeous!

xPrincess Corner & Castle

A quick late entry… from A Great Hand. They have a whole lovely Princess post… which includes this castle, but also some fab paper princesses, jewels and lots lots more.. Definitely worth a stop by!x

Royal Wedding Party Food ideas

Napkin “Rings”

Just before you bring the food out, make sure you have the tables nicely laid with pretty napkins and COOL napkin rings… celebrate the beautiful engagement ring that Kate wears and make your own! Such a clever idea from Liz at Me and My Shadow ..

Royal Wedding Cupcakes!Now these are really super duper easy to make – and what child doesn’t love to make?! Make your favourite cupcake recipe (we tend to go for vanilla) had some icing and then some patriotic decor – simply get these online:

Royal Cupcake Toppers US/ UK

Patriotic Sprinkles US/ UK

Patriotic Cupcake Cases  US/ UK

(affiliate links added for your convenience)edding Cupcakes

Now These are really super duper easy yx

Fruit & Marshmallow Skewers

Again our American friends come to the rescue. I love the idea to incorporate red whit and blue into our party feasts! Creativity 2 x Mom does just this on her blog. I think they look delicious.



British Parfait

Well ok, this is in fact a celebration of the 4th of July (again), but it looks delicious and scrumptious all at once… strawberries, blueberries oozing in yummy yoghurt. A perfect treat for the royal wedding! Do visit Shop Annies blog for more!x


Bride Cake

Ok, so this bride is Elsa from Frozen – but make this wonderful creation with white  and you have your bride cake all ready for the wedding.. it could take centre place at your street party. Check out our full Bride Cake Tutorial here..