Kids Craft: Nature Pouch/ Sewing with Kids

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Hello hello, welcome back to Kids Get Crafty and this week’s sewing with kids!! “Only” about 8 months ago, I saw these fabulous Nature Walk Pouches over at Kleas’s blog. I loved everything about them – the recycledness, the sewinginess, as well as the fact that they are meant for collecting nature things on walks for crafting with back home. I REALLY wanted to make one with Red Ted and have been waiting and waiting for him to be old enough to work with a needle! Also encouraged by Roopa to finally we had a go! Also, do check out our Teaching Kids to Sew post – it has some great tips to get you and your kids sewing!

sewing projects for kids

1st Sewing Projects for Kids – Nature Bag Materials

*Left over sweater scraps (I used the rest of the sweater for a Christmas Stocking),

* some embroidery thread/ wool,

*a button,

* a wool needle or child’s needle.

Sewing Projects for Kids – Nature Bag How To

Encouraged by Kleas we also went for a Blanket Stitch – it looks neat and isn’t too difficult!

I always find starting the stitch off the fiddliest, but once past it, you are fine. Here are our photos to go with it:

blanket stitch sewing for kids

1) Starting off: Insert needle between the 2 pieces of fabric (sew knot doesn’t show), pull through. Insert needle from back to front again.

sewing for kids blanket stitch

2) Pull tight and now you can start with the blanket stitch properly! Always go from Front to Back. Insert needle from front. The pull the yarn over the needle, so it will “catch”. Pull needle through.

blanket stitch with children sewing for kids

3) Red Ted has a go. Needless to say, he can NOT master blanket stitch on his own. See the following video. However, he ADORED being allowed to sew. I think he loved the one on one time and was VERY proud of his final piece of work. He wants to make another for his sister. I guess… sewing with children is not necessarily about them having to do it all themselves, but working on something together guiding them as you go along.

Here you can see Red Ted in action:

Didn’t he do well? And you will “hear” that I give him a lot of instruction, but he is enjoying it and finished the sides of the pouch himself! He is so proud:

sewing with kids

I then added a button and a “strap” – made of 6 pieces of wool plaited. I could of shown Red Ted how to plait, but to be honest, ran out of time… next time!

nature pouch for kids

Now when we go on walks we have somewhere for his stones and sticks and leaves! And the wool is machine washable, so we can stick it in the washer if need be!

So.. do you fancy having a go at sewing with kids? Why not!

Here are some photos after our first trip to the park with it:

A very full pouch and happy children!

Have you given sewing with kids a go? It really isn’t as hard as you think and you will find that the kids adore it! Check out our teaching kids to sew article! As well as our great Sewing Projects for Kids!

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