Simple Origami Tiger Face Craft For Kids

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If you are looking for a Simple Tiger Origami tutorial, this is the one for you. It is the easiest of all Tiger Origami projects.. and great for origami beginners, requiring only some simple folds! This is a lovely craft for our collection of Year of the Tiger activities!

Easy Tiger Origami Face
First shared in March 21

Materials needed to your pape Tiger

  • Square piece of orange paper (15cm x 15cm is nice!)
  • Black pen

Yes that really is it! Such a simple craft. If you don’t have orange paper.. why not use white printer paper and make a WHITE TIGER! Very cool too.

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How to make an Tiger Origami Face

Watch our super simple tiger origami video or follow the step by step photo instructions below.

Step by Step Photo Origami Instructions

Begin by turning your square round so it is a diamond.

Turn into a triangle

Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner. This will make a triangle. This triangle is called an Isosecle and has two equal sides, with a right angle at the top.

make a central crease

Take the point at the right and fold over to the left – creating a crease in the middle. Open up the triangle again, so you can see the new crease.

fold down the top

Fold down the top – approximately 2cm (1inch). This will form the top of your tiger’s head.

ear fold

Bring the right hand corner up – so that the fold starts at the bottom of the crease and the outside edge meets the top of head (see image). This is your tiger’s ear.

second tiger ear

Repeat on the other side.

If you wish you can glue these pieces in place now.

draw the tiger face

Turn your orgami over and you have made your basic tiger shape face.

With a black pen, add your features – nose, mouth, eyes and tiger stripes!

finished origami tiger

Your origami tiger face is now finished. It can be added to greeting cards for Chinese New Year or arty Rousseau inspired collages.

These would be lovely as part of a Chinese New Year greeting card for Year of the Tiger! Grab our printable Happy New Year in Chinese characters and add them to a simple card.

year of the tiger cards
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