Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Gift Box

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A very cute and easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for kids of all ages (grown ups too!), today we will make some Toilet Paper Roll Valentines Gift Boxes – they are super easy to make and perfect for small gifts at Valentine’s! Be it a Valentine’s Candy or small gift/ toy, such as a friendship bracelet or good lovely DIY heart rock!

toilet paper roll valentines gift box
The heart shape can be painted on, or cut out of paper and glued on!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day Crafts for kids (and preschoolers), we love to keep materials simple. Kids are prolific crafters and can go through a lot of craft supplies. Using toilet rolls is eco friendly and thrifty and lots of fun. We are a great fan of toilet paper roll crafts for this reason!

Today’s adorable Heart Gift Boxes are not only great for Valentine’s but can be used all year round too. I think they make great little gift boxes for Mother’s Day, Birthdays and even Christmas! Whatever the occassion a little gift box is always handy. They are also great for classmates gifts!

Toilet Roll Gift Box – supplies needed:

  • empty toilet paper rolls (one per gift box – or a cardboard tube, such as a paper towel roll cut in half)
  • paint in desired colours
  • paint brush
  • paint pen such a posca pen or markers

Alternative methods to make this gift box, can use:

  • colourful paper cut into a heart shape
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Optional – washi tape, stickers, googlye eyec, anything else you would like to decorate your box with!

What Valentines Gifts can you pop into your Toilet Paper Roll?

we like to fill our Valentine's Gift Boxes with Candy and Treats

As mentioned, these make great gifts for classmates too! If making classroom Valentine’s Day Gifts, here are some ideas of small gifts you can pop inside your DIY Gift Boxes!

You can also add a love note if you wish 🙂

How to make a toilet paper tube gift box tutorial

Making these gift boxes really is super easy and the supplies needed are most basic! We chose to paint our toilet paper tubes, but you can also wrap them in paper and decorate with paper – whatever you find easiest!

Paint your paper tubes

paint the cardboard tube

Choose what colours you would like to make your gift boxes. We went for red, orange, purple and blues.

Paint your toilet paper tubes.

paint your cardboard tubes
You can make your paper roll pill boxes in all sorts of sizes and colours!

As mentioned you can wrap them in coloured paper instead if you wish! But we find paint more resourceful and cost effective.

Let dry fully.

Shape your cardboard tubes into a gift box

Shape the toilet roll
It is easy to shape your toilet paper roll into a pill box

This is the “clever” bit. You need to shape the top and bottom of your cardboard tube to allow it close.

Take your toilet paper tube. With your thumb, gently press the centre of the top rim, so it makes a curve.

Repeat on the reverse side.

You should now have a closed end.

Now take the other end of the roll and repeat.

You now have a basic gift box that you can decorate however you wish!

Decorate your the TP Roll gift box

decorate the pill boxes for Valentines
You can paint on or cut out a heart shape and stick it on. What ever you find easier!

We love the simplicity of kawaii hearts on our Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s gift box. However, you can choose to decorate the box in whatever way you wish. Fun valentine’s washi tape stripes could look really nice, heart stickers or maybe some small heart gems? or have fun with bio degradable glitter…

We decied to paint on a heart.

Once fully dry, add kawaii face features with markers or paint pens. So cute! You can of course also add googly eyes instead.

If you like our hearts, but don’t feel confident painting them, you could always cut out a heart shape out of a piece of construction paper and stick that on instead!

toilet paper roll valentines gift box
I love that you can play with the colours and make your gift boxes less pink and red if need be!

I hope you have a blast with these super sweet gift boxes DIYs. Remember, you can visit our Valentine’s Crafts for Kids for lots more fun ideas and maybe some gift ideas to put inside the boxes. Though chocolates and treats always go down well!

We also made some super duper cute and adorable Toilet Paper Roll Owl Gift Box:

These little yarn wrapped owls are great for preschoolers and developing fine motor skills.. as you can help with cutting out the features and the kiddos can focus on painting, wrapping yarn and sticking the features in place. Great to get little hands involved and practicing those fine motor skills.

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