Super Simple Valentines Ladybug Card for Kids & Preschoolers

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The Super Simple Valentines Card series continues. Finally, we have our oh so cute and simple Valentines Ladybug Card for. As with all our DIY Valentines Day Cards for kids, this is designed to provide you with inspiration and you can make it your own!

close up of ladybug valentines day card, with 4 other valentines day card designs in background
Our Easy Ladybug Valentine’s Day Card is part of a set of 6 Super Simple Valentines Card Designs

Supplies needed to make these lovely Ladybug Cards for Valentines:

  • Red cardstock – I used A5 folded in half to make an A6 card
  • Black markers
  • White pieces of paper (scraps)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a Ladybug Valentine’s Day card with Kids!

These cards are super duper easy and fun to make! You can watch the easy instructional how to video on “auto play” or follow the step by step instructions!

Step by Step Instructions

Begin with the Ladybug Outline

four images showing the step by step of how to draw a basic ladybug on red card with black markers
Draw your simple ladybug shape on the red construction paper

Draw a straight line across your folded piece of red card. The line should be around 1/3 from the top.

Draw a curver to shape the ladybugs head.

Using black markers, colour in this section (you can cut out pieces of black paper if you prefer too.

Now going from the centre of the ladybug’s head, draw a straight line down the centre of the card.

Now draw two little curves to round off the ladybug’s body.

Add the Valentine’s Heart Details to your ladybug card

decorate the ladybug with heart shapes for valentines day
Add heart details to make your ladybug into a Valentine’s Card

Time to have some fun with heart shapes!

Draw as many black hearts onto the ladybug’s body as you wish. You can of course cut these out and glue them on too. And you can also have fun with different colours (as we did for our lovebug corner bookmarks here).

Cut out two white circles for the ladybug’s eyes.

Draw on some hearts as pupils (this is a great alternative to the less environmentally friendly googly eyes!).

Glue in place.

Shape the Ladybug Card

shaping the ladybug card with some scissors
Shaping the ladybug card

Now shape the ladybug card, by cutting out the curves around the ladybug’s head and the bottom of the card! Ta-daaaaa….

close up of ladybug card with 4 other valentines day card designs, incl a Bee, Love Monster, Love Bug and Owl
Check out the fabulous set of Super Simple Valentine’s Day Cards + a bonus penguin not shown here!

Your super cute ladybug card is finished and can join the rest of the Super Simple Valentine’s Day Card designs! And wish someone a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

These ladybug cards are suitable for class room crafting, whether working in elementary school or with younger kids. These are particularl fun cards to make with toddlers or preschoolers at home. Especially if you get the children to stick the hearts on.

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