Super Simple Valentine’s Owl Card

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The final card in our set of 6 Super Simple Valentines Card! We have 6 wonderful and super easy Valentine’s Day cards for you to check out and have a go at. Finally, we have our oh so cute and simple Valentines Owl Card for. As with all our DIY Valentines Day Cards for kids, this is designed to provide you with inspiration and you can make it your own!

Valentines Day Owl Card shown in detail, with a collection of super simple cards in the background

Pop up Owl Cards How To

Feeling inspired? Have more time on your hands? We also have a fantastic POP UP Owl Card you can adapt for Valentine’s (complete with templates):

Owl cards
We also have some pop up owl cards on the blog!

I love these pop up owls. They are also super easy to make.. but take a little longer! So these are a good option if you have a little more lesson plan time to fill.

Supplies Neede to make a Simple Valentine’s Day Owl Card

  • Cardstock in desired colours – we used A5 card folded in half, though you can use construction paper too
  • Pieces of scrap paper to cut OWL features from – in desired colours
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers

How to make a simple Valentine’s Day Owl Card

You can watch the video on auto play or follow the step by step instructions

Step by Step Owl Card Instructions

Cutting out the owl embellishments

four step photos showing how to make an owl card by cutting out paper hearts and circles
Cutting out the owl embellishments – a series of hearts and circles

Begin by cutting out your owl embellishments and shapes. I think if I made this card again, I would make the beak and eyes BIGGER! You will need to cut:

  • 3 yellow hearts for the owl beak and owl feet
  • A number of little paper hearts (i did 4) for the owl’s tummy
  • 2 white circles for the owl’s eyes
  • 2 larger circles for the owl’s eyes (use the white circles as a guide

Add heart shaped pupils to your white circles!

Shape the owl card and stick your features

Shape the owl card by cutting and gluing down the heart shaped features
Shaping the owl card and stick your features

Now it is time to shape your owl card and glue your features in place!

the owl card shown in more detail

Ta daaaa! Your super simple Valentine’s Day Owl Card is finished!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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