6 Super Simple Valentines Cards for Kids of all Ages

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5 Super Simple Valentines Cards – well 6, I have added a bonus card – I created a great Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to make in less than 5 minutes. When it comes to make lots of Valentines cards for classmates and friends in “bulk” you need some 5 minute crafts, that are quick and easy to make, but also look cute! Check out our 5 designs created just for you!

5 simple valentines cards

Older kids will be able to set up a little production line of card making and make lots of these cards in one go. But if you are working with younger kiddos, say kindergartners or preschoolers, then I think these make a great Valentines Card for Preschoolers too – however, they will need a little more time and support. The shapes used to make these cards are super simple and they will have lots of fun assembling them – as the designs are simple and easy to follow.

We course also encourage all kids to personalise these Valentines Cards as much a possible. Switch out the colored paper. Change the size or colour of the large heart detail. Make your cards smile, wink, sleep or laugh. Don’t just use construction paper or washi tape (as per the love bug cards), but add your own embellishments such as glitter, gems, stickers and whatever else you can find. Use these simple valentine’s day cards as a starting point to create your own!

The best way to wish somone a happy valentine’s day is to make them a homemade valentine cards! Don’t you think? And if you have lots of family and friends.. then making a homemade card may become a little overwhelming… but with these 5 super cute designs to choose form.. you can get onto making a whole batch quickly and easily. Then write a love-ly message, maybe add a Valentines pun or two.. pop the DIY valentines in an envelope and send it to your loved one. The recipients are sure to have a smile on their faces!

I was inspired to create these 5 new super simple card designs, by the daughter of my friend over at Inner Child Fun. She has been making our Super Simple Christmas cards for years now – to gift them to the local old people’s home as an act of Kindness duing the holiday season. I though create a set of Valentine’s Day Cards for similar schemes would be super fun!

valentines bee cards

I think these cute valentine’s day cards are better as the alternative printable valentine card that people go to when making lots of cards. As they love and care is needed to make them.. and yet they still fall under the 5 minute crafts mantra for each one. Make it a super easy valentine’s day card and small gift to give someone!

Enough waffle.. lets get on with. I have 5 blog posts or and 5 videos for you to learn from. Either head to each of the blog posts individiually – they all have step by step photos you can use to make these crafts.

or alternatively, I have added all 5 videos, here, so you can watch them in one place! Grab your colored paper, scissors, markers and glue and lets get started!

BONUS CARD – Valentine’s Penguin by Inner Child Fun

Valentine's Penguin

Here is the Penguin Card made by my lovely friend’s daughter at Inner Child Fun. To make the penguin holding the heart.. she cut out a large heart shape from red construction paper. Then cut out a black circle and cut it in half for the wings. Finally, she trimmed any of the black wing shape that was peeping uput over the edge of the card to finish it off. You can see the basic Penguin Card craft here (or watch the video on auto play).

The Love Monster card

Those this lovely love monster is based on a picture book for younger kids, I think the love monster design is so so sooooo cute, that anyone would love to receive this little guy. Make him in the original Love Monster colours (red with blue heart shape feature) or adapt the colours to suit YOU and your loved one. Just don’t forget to make him hairy. Teehee! See the full Valentines Love Monster steps here.

The Valentine’s Bee Card – “Bee Mine”

Anything Bee related is super cute for Valentines, as you get to play with the “Bee Mine” puns! This bee card is so easy to make – as you literally only need to cut a few strips of paper and a heart. Great cutting practice for kids of all ages. But preschoolers certainly should manage. See the full step by step instructions for the Valentines Bee Card here.

The Love Bug Valentines Card – one of my favourite

We really love the love bug card – this is an opportunity to really rummage in your craft box and get creative with embellishments and use up “what you have already”, no visits to the craft store/ hobby lobby for expensive purchases needed. Though we do rather love a little bit of washi tape. But it can easily be replaced with strips of paper, or glitter, gems and stickers! Maybe even add stripes with yarn. Let the little kids have fun exploring!

The adorable Valentines Ladybug Card

Well you can’t have a “bug Valentines” set without including a cute Ladybug. You can have fun with the ladybug’s eye position for this one and make her point up or down. I couldn’t decide! Step by step photo instructions here – Ladybug Cards.

The Valentines Owl Card

Any school valentines collection of course needs a Valentines Owl. What a hoot! See what I did there. Well puns are always fun in the classroom. Step by step photo instructions here: Valentines Owl Card.

I hope you agree that this a fun way to celebrate Valentines with either younger kids (the cards are simple for them to manage) or to create in “bulk” in the classroom.

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