Easy Snowman Bauble Crochet Pattern

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Craft Alotl is back with another fantastic free crochet pattern for you. Today, she shares her super cute, quick and easy Snowman Bauble Crochet Pattern – this is a fantastic addition to the Christmas Crochet Ornaments we have shared previously. And yes.. it is a free pattern for you once again! ENJOY.

crochet snowman ornament

A little bit about Craft Alotl – Craft Alotl is my teen crocheter. She learned to crochet during lockdown (yes, there WERE benefits after all) and hasn’t looked back since. Her skills are incredible and I am so excited to be able to share her patterns and creations with you here. You can follow her work on instagram or support her through (small!) purchases in her Ravelry store (even if you don’t fancy the pattern, a purchase and download always makes her day and do a little happy dance! Think of it as a small £1 tip here and there!).

Anyway.. onto this adorable Snowman Bauble Crochet Pattern! This is a GREAT crochet pattern for beginners, as it is based on the very basic crochet ball! Always a great way to get your hooking skills going! It also doesn’t need very much yarn and you can make these quickly and easily.

I think a set of these little snowmen baubles, would make an adorable keepsake project.. BUT they would also be fantastic for making and selling at Christmas Craft Fairs! You can even make them whilst manning your stall. To speed up the process, for THIS pattern, we added pom pom and pipecleaner ear muffs. But if there is enough feedback/ comments/ demands from you, Craft Alotl said she can make you a fully crochet snowman ornament too! So do let us know!

Alternative “uses” for your Crochet Snowman:

A snowman is not just for Christmas you know.. (s)he makes a lovely little decoration throughout the winter months!

  • Make a set and use them as a snowman garland throughout winter (not just for Christmas)
  • Use them as a winter backpack charm
  • Use it as your winter keychain

Supplies needed to make your crochet snowman ornament

It is difficult to give a size guide for our snowman bauble, as I encourage you to use the yarn you have to hand (it is key you use the right hook size though to go with it, so it looks it’s best). But our little snowman was used made using cotton dk and is about 5cm wide + pom pom headband. But I think it would be super fun made from bulky yarn too!

  • White yarn
  • Orange yarn – pro hack: if you don’t have any orange yarn, grab a little orange felt instead!
  • a mm hook that corresponds to your yarn
  • safety eayes – pro hack: again, if you don’t have safety eyes, some black stitching would work too, or glue on some black felt eyes (use a hole punch to get a perfect small circle) or experiment with googly eyes!
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Toy stuffing (we do love to recycle old pillows for this and I encourage you to do the same from an environmental point of view)
  • 2 Pom Poms in desired colours
  • A little pipecleaner to match the pom poms
  • Hot glue gun

Abbreviations and stitches used in this snowman pattern

US Crochet Terms used throughout.

If it helps, we have an overview of the stitches used today in our Beginner’s Guide to Crochet.

How to crochet a snowman bauble – free tutorial & pattern

So, all we are going to do is make an adorable little snowman crochet head. The perfect Christmas Tree Bauble!

Make the crochet snowman’s head

Using your white yarn.

Rnd 1: 6sc into mc [6]

Rnd 2: 6inc [12]

Rnd 3: (1sc,inc) x6 [18]

Rnd 4: (2sc,inc) x6 [24]

Rnd 5: (3sc,inc) x6 [30]

Rnd 6-11: 30sc

Rnd 12: (3sc,dec) x6 [24]

Rnd 13: (2sc, dec) x6 [18]

Place the safety eyes between rnds 8 & 9, 7 stitches apart. Stuff.

Rnd 14: (1sc,dec) x6 [12]

Rnd 15: 6dec [6]

Fasten off and seal hole using your yarn needle.

Make the snowman’s nose

Rnd 1: ch 5 [5]

Rnd 2: skip 1st stitch, slip stitch, 2sc, 1hdc

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew the top of the nose between rnds 8 & 9. Sew the bottom of the nose between rnds 9 & 10. Nose should be directly between the two eyes.

Snowman’ Ear Muffs & Assembly

amigurumi snowman bauble

Choose two pom-poms that are the same and a pipe cleaner. Glue a pom-pom either side of the head. Cut your pipe cleaner to your desired length. Bend pipe cleaner into an arch. Glue each end of the pipe cleaner onto a pom-pom.

Finally, thread some string through the top of the head. Make sure it is secure and forms a large loop – this is the hanger.

We have a free printable pattern of this in the Craft Alotle Ravelry store too!

Now your little snowman is finished and ready for hanging in the Christmas Tree! Don’t they make adorable snowman baubles?

crochet snowman free pattern

We made a set to sell at a school fair recently and they went like hotcakes! Well how can you resist this little cutie. It really does make for little festive gifts too! And from a maker/ seller point of view, it is a really good product to make and sell, as it doesn’t take long to make, and only uses a small amount of yarn.

Now you have made our snowman crochet ornament, why not check out the rest of our fantastic free Christmas Ornament Crochet Pattern collection – it includes another cute amigurumi snowman, with BOTH crochet snowman head AND body if you wanted to make a bigger version?

diy crochet christmas ornaments