Sponsored Video: Monkey Thieves

Well.. I don’t know about you… but I definitely am always need more space and better ways to organise our family life. Yep. Our stuff is everywhere.. I need a better way to store my craft stash (yes, there is tons). I need a better way to organise our day to day “paperwork” – post, bills to pay, the kids’ homework books. And I definitely need a better way to organise our fridge.

I like a fully stocked fridge. I hate going to the shops. So I go as little as possible and fill the fridge as much a possible. Which means I need to be organised. Things get lost at the back. Things sometimes even go off (shock horror, how I hate the waste). I really need to take better care.

I love the look of the new Samsung Fridge – it has clever Easy Slide shelves and a “Full Open Box” (so that you can add big bulky items in the freezer with out that wasted dead space) and I love the sound of having more space for big bottles in the door (I can never fit them all in).

The bit I really like the sound of, is the CoolSelect Zone, which allows you to control the temperature of that compartment with a simple-touch button display. Very convenient, if I say so myself!

Looks good to me…

And apparently it looks good to these monkeys too… love the video!

If you don’t believe a busy mum or a bunch of monkeys, do check out the WHICH guide for details or find out more the Samsung Website or their YouTube Channel!

This post is sponsored by Samsung