Paint Pen Heart Rocks for Valentine’s


We love Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crafts, and as the 31 Days of Love series continues, we welcome Susie from Rock Paimting 101 with another fabulou DIY Heart Rock Design.

I love how she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about painting rocks.. and shares her techniques with us today! Today she shares this lovely Paint Pen Heart Rocks tutorial!

How to paint hearts on rocks for Valentine's Day

Hi! Susie here from RockPainting101. We are so excited to share with you this fun, and easy, rock painting design! We love to paint hearts on rocks… pun intended. They are great to hide around town, give out as Valentines, or a special gift for someone you love any time of year!

Painting Heart Rocks with Pens – Supplies needed:

How to paint hearts on rocks for Valentine's Day

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For this tutorial we are using paint pens. This makes the process a whole lot easier. There are a lot of different brands you can choose from. Today I am using Posca paint pens. For the main hearts you can use any size you have around. For the finer details I would suggest something with an extra fine, or 1M tip:

  • Fine Tip Posca Pens US/ UK

How to use Paint Pens on Rocks for Valentines!

How to paint hearts on rocks for Valentine's Day

Here are some step-by-step directions. You can also watch the full process in the video below! Start by placing a small heart in the center of your rock. Then add hearts around in different colors and thicknesses until you get to your outer edge. Then using your fine tip pens add layers of details on your hearts.

How to paint hearts on rocks for Valentine's Day

Check out Susie’s YouTube Video Tutorial!

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How to paint hearts on rocks for Valentine's Day

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