Stick Craft Ideas

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If you are like us, and ALWAYS collect sticks when you are out and about with the kids, you may also be like us and wonder what to make with sticks? So since our Google + Hangout Debut (remember, I told you all about Hangouts and how they work a while back), we decided a “Stick Craft Ideas” may come in handy – especially to those of us with kids! We nature crafts for kids and sticks are a great basic craft material.

Here is a great selection of stick crafts for kids – though I think some of these crafts (check out the Heart Wreath) would appeal to all age groups!

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10 Stick Crafts - finally get crafty with all those sticks brought back from walks


10 Stick Craft Ideas Hangout:

Sharing our Stick Craft Ideas links:

In order of appearance

1. First you have me introducing the hangout and sharing our SUPER QUICK Stickman How To. Really it doesn’t get much faster than that. It is also one the crafts featured in Red Ted Art the book! Go take a peak and order your copy now!

2. Next we have the gorgeous Ali from Kids Chaos, who shows us their fantastic shadow puppets – sticks of course needed for “holding”. I love the designs her boy came up with!

3. Anthea from Zing Zing Tree shares her girls fabulous stick and clay creation – making Wall Flowers with them.. They look great as features hanging from the wall (I would be so tempted to hang some seasonal decorations from it.. but I suspect that that is NOT the point of them!

4. Kelly makes some adorable little pom pom stick flowers. Pip Squeak saw them and straight away “had to” make her own set. So you can see – super popular with the kids!

5. Liz from Me and My Shadow has some adorable willow heart wreaths, I SOOO want to make some.

6. Aly from Plus2.4 was a little late to the party – but she did make her wonderful Stick Wands – LOVE the crystal at the end of them. So do pop her way to have a look.

7. To round it up at the end, I also shared our Stick Trees which is part of our Four Seasons exploration this year and

8. Our Stick and Conker spider web craft.

9. We also love using sticks in our general crafting – a stick from our walk, became the Hobby Horse’s stick.

10. As your extras, I LOVE Sun Hats & Wellie Boots’s stick hedgehog, it is just so wonderful. One of my favourite stick crafts. We had a go at this with saltsdough and it was lovely (though make sure your saltdough is firm or else it will spread and all the sticks will fall out!!)

11. They are great as part of a Shell Mobile! Easy and fun.

12. We love making own Tic Tac Toe Game.

13. Turn your sticks into nature rattles.

14. Sticks are also wonderful for making woven God’s Eyes – a great Summer Classic.

15. And we love this “twiggy” heart art work!

16. Make gorgeous Dog Wood Heart Ornaments!

17. Part of a set of Nature Four Season exploration, we have a lovely Summer Art Project with this Summer Four Season Trees Craft!

So! I do hope you enjoyed this list of Stick Craft Ideas! And that you have found some inspiration to get crafty with sticks. Would love to hear what your favourite stick crafts are! Do let us know in the comments!