The LEGO Batman Movie Mask DIY

This week the lovely people at Warner Bros. Pictures challenged us to come up with a fabulous DIY to celebrate the launch of The LEGO Batman Movie in theaters February 10! Now anything that involves LEGO and LEGO Batman specifically is a winner in our house… so this challenge was eagerly accepted. We have created fabulous LEGO Batman and Robin printable masks for you, so you can easily recreate them at home (and why not make a set and WEAR them to the movie?!?! You will be the envy of all the kids there!).

Note: This post is sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures

DIY LEGO Batman Masks (1)

To get you in the mood, take a quick peak at this FABULOUS move trailer.

We decided to focus the DIY on the two main characters:

LEGO Batman:

LEGO Batman

And LEGO Robin:

LEGO Robin

Robin’s goggley masks is perfect for our DIY!

It’s easy to create your own LEGO Batman Movie masks. Although we have used craft foam you could easily substitute that for felt if you wanted to.

You will need:

The LEGO Batman Movie - Batman Mask DIY (4)

  • Craft foam in black and bright green (we’ve used glitter foam for the black but that is optional) – as mentioned, if you can’t get hold of craft foam, use felt glued onto some cardboard!
  • Hat elastic
  • Craft glue
  • Craft knife and cutting mat (or use scissors)
  • Double sided tape
  • Hole punch

The LEGO Batman Movie Mask Printables Templates:

How to:

The LEGO Batman Movie - Batman Mask DIY (3)

  • Print out your LEGO Batman and LEGO Robin mask templates.
  • Stick the template onto the back of your craft foam with a few small squares of double sided tape. For the Robin mask you will need to stick the medium sized circles onto bright green and the rest of the pieces onto black.
  • Cut along the lines of the mask template using your craft knife over a cutting mat (an adult should use the craft knife)

The LEGO Batman Movie - Batman Mask DIY (2)

  • For the Robin mask, glue the medium-sized green circles over the black base, and the smaller circles over the green ones lining them up by using the centre hole as a guide.

The LEGO Batman Movie - Batman Mask DIY (6)

  • Punch holes in the sides of each mask using a hole punch and tie with hat elastic adjusted to fit the head size of your child.

The LEGO Batman Movie - Batman Mask DIY (8)

Who’s up for a game of super heroes?

Don’t forget – The LEGO Batman Movie is out at in theaters on February 10th! Make your masks and bring them along for a very special movie experience!

LEGO Batman Movie (2)

DIY LEGO Batman Masks (2)

This post is sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures