Rainbow Heart Magnets

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Sam from Thrive 360 Living shares with us beautiful Valentine Decorations which also make lovely Valentines Gifts or even Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Not only are these DIY Heart Magnets simply GORGEOUS, BUT Sam shows us 3 different ways to decorate them. Wonderful. We have more wonderful 31 Days of Love Guest Posts grouped into these themes for you to browse – Valentine Craft Ideas for Preschoolers, Valentine Day Treats, Valentines Science Ideas and Valentine Cards for Kids too! Over to Sam!

Sam here from Thrive 360 Living! If you visit my Instagram page you’ll find I’m not only a fan of rainbows, but I love doodling and creating on surfaces beyond just paper. I’m excited to show you some fun ways to decorate on wood for Valentine’s Day, and the best part is that these same decorating techniques can also be used on rocks, leaves and, of course, paper.

How to Make Wooden Heart Magnets


Supplies you’ll need no matter which technique you choose

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  • Wood hearts. I got mine from Michaels but you can also find them here: US/ UK
  • Matte or gloss sealant – I prefer this matte sealant – US/ UK.
  • Magnets. Your magnet size might change depending upon the size of your heart (US/ UK)
  • E600 glue. My favorite and extremely durable glue. USUK

Technique 1: Acrylic paint & paint pen heart magnets



Rainbow Heart Magnets

  • Start by painting your heart with two layers of acrylic paint. If you’re making a magnet, you really only have to paint one side.

Rainbow Hearts

  • Once the paint is completely dry, use your white paint pen and draw a design.
  • Spray a sealant on your finished heart.

DIY Rainbow Heart Magnets

  • Using your E600 glue, adhere a magnet to the back of each heart.

Technique 2: Watercolor & sticker heart magnets



DIY Heart Magnets

  • Cover your heart completely with two layers of white acrylic paint and let dry completely.
  • Apply your watercolors over the white paint and let dry.
  • Add your sticker(s). And apply a layer of mod podge over the entire heart to ensure the sticker is adhered.

DIY Heart Magnets Mothers Day

  • Spray with a sealant to keep your designs from fading or chipping.
  • For additional sparkle, glue on mini rhinestones (optional).
  • Using your E600 glue, adhere a magnet to the back of each heart.

Technique 3: Chalk crayon heart magnets


  • Chalk Crayons – These Chalk-o-Rama chalk crayons by OOLY might be one of my favorite art supplies currently. You can use them on just about anything. US/ UK


Crayon Heart Magnets

  • Using your chalk crayons, draw a design directly onto each wooden heart.
  • Spray with a sealant to keep the chalk from rubbing off.
  • Using your E600 glue, adhere a magnet to the back of each heart.

DIY Heart Magnet Gift Idea

Once your heart magnets are complete you can package them up in little tin pails or put them in a decorative box. They are sure to sweeten anyone’s day and they would make a fabulous Valentine’s gift.

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Enjoy your DIY Rainbow Heart Magnets!

DIY Rainbow Heart Magnet Gifts