Toilet Paper Roll Orangutan


Now, we have long finished our Toilet Paper Roll Animal ABC where we had a great O if for… Toilet Paper Roll OWL! Another great “O” craft is the Orangutan.

A friend of my was doing a around the world challenge.. and she was looking at Borneo. And I thought: it it is time for that Toilet Paper Roll Orangutan!!! I also made an Orangutan Bookmark, well, it had to be done, right?

TP Roll Orangutan

To make a TP Roll Orangutan you will need:

  • one Toilet Paper Roll per Orangutan
  • orange paper OR paint (if you choose paint, you will need a little extra cardboard or a second TP Roll for the Orangutan’s arms)
  • contrasting paper such a white or cream for the facial features. You can use beiges, browns or greys too
  • glue stick
  • black pen for features
  • if painting – brushes

How to make a Toilet Paper Orangutan

Preparing your toilet paper roll in orange

TP Roll Orangutan

Measure your piece of orange paper to fit around you toilet paper roll comfortable – with a little sticking over the edges and cut out.

TP Roll Orangutan

Add glue to one end of the paper and stick to the toilet paper roll. Wrap tightly around and secure at the other end with more glue.

TP Roll Orangutan

Tuck in the overlapping edges.

Alternatives: you can paint the TP Roll orange. If painting, also paint some additional card/ Tp roll for the arms later.

Your orangutans facial features and arms

TP Roll Orangutan

Now it is time to cut out your orangutan’s distinctive features:

  • A face (like a heart with the bottom cut off)
  • A muzzle (an oval)
  • A beard (like a tear drop, that the oval fits into nicely)
  • Some big arms – this is a fiddle.. I guess it is like a fat L shape?
  • Some hands

Assembling your TP Roll Orangutan

TP Roll Orangutan

Add eyes to your “white heart” and a mouth and nose holes to the muzzles.

Shape the trea shaped beard a little to look like it is shaggy and hairy. Then glue the muzzle on.

Glue together and add to your orange loo roll. Add a little orange “hair” to the top of the head.

TP Roll Orangutan

Trim the L shaped arms a little to make them look hair and shaggy.

Fold over the edge and glue to the side of the Orangutan body. Repeat for the other arm.

TP Roll Orangutan

You have finished you TP Roll Orangutan!

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