Mr Men Egg Decorating


We love joining in with the School Egg Decorating Competition every year (hop over for our top tips and tricks on how to win). This is one our earliest (winning) entries: Mr Men Egg Decorating!

Mr Men Egg Decorating!

It is that time of year again – the kids have their School Egg Decorating competition coming up!!! Red Ted (7rs) LOVES taking part and in the past, we have quickly whipped up something the days before and entered..

…but it has taken us 3 years to figure out, that the winning Egg Decorating idea, usually is a bit more than “just a decorated egg”.. it is a proper full on eggciting eggstravagant eggstrodinary egg decorating diorama or scene… so Red Ted has been planning this year’s entry SINCE LAST YEAR!!


We present you, with our Mr Men Egg Decorating Diorama!!!

Mr Men Diorama
First shared in March 2015 and updated for your convenience!

To make our Mr Men Egg Diorama, we used

…GOOD PAINTS – they give your egg are really good finished look.. so we used these Enamel paints –  the yellow needed two layers, the rest where fine with one. And it also looked great on the card!

  • Gloss Enamels and acrylic paints – good paints make all the difference
  • sharpies for details
  • Card for arms, hat and trees
  • Cotton wool for clouds
  • Pom pom for sun
  • Shoe box
  • TP roll & Masking Tape for the Box box

How we made our Mr Men Diorama:

Mr Men Egg Diorama - decorating the box

The story is about how Mr Bump bumps into the letter box (clumsy Mr Bump), whilst Mr Happy is about to be ambushed by Mr Tickle who is hiding be hind a tree…. we have a pom pom sunshine, with cotton wool clouds and birds in the trees and air.

Red Ted started by painting his shoe box in green and red.

Egg Decorating ideas - Mr Men Eggs for Kids

I blew some eggs out for him and we painted them blue and yellow. We used enamel paints, because we had them and they give a lovely finish. If we hadn’t had enamel paints, we would have used acrylics. Last messy, but best for WHITE eggs, would have been to dye them using food dyes.

Later he decided that he also wanted a Mr Tickle, so we painted him a day later.

Mr Men Easter Eggs

Once all our eggs were dry, we looked at adding arms and details.  I added some of my enamel paints to a piece of cardboard, that Red Ted used to cut out arms and hands. Remember to add a little extra to your arm as a “flap” that you can glue down onto your egg.

For Mr Tickle we used two pipecleaner pieces. We pricked holes into the side of him using thumbtacks and glued the arms in place.

mr happy
Mr Men Egg Diorama - making the TP Roll Mail Box
Making a Post box with a TP Roll and Masking Tape

For the faces, I encouraged Red Ted to go online and look at images of Mr Men to copy. These are the images he chose and copied. I LOVE how his Mr Bump face turned out!! Well done Red Ted!

We also made a Red English Post Box. We used a TP Roll, that I cut down for him and form the top using cuts and masking tape. Red Ted then painted it.. added the letter box “slit” and a writing.

Mr Bump Egg Decorating (bumping into a Letter Box)
Mr Bump Egg

Finally, when everything was made, we started to stick things into place.  I did help with the sticking.

Mr Happy and Mr Tickle Egg Decorating Ideas
Mr Happy Egg – a nice and easy one!

As a last minuted addition Red Ted gave everyone some letters to post!

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