Toilet Roll Santa (Nikolo)

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The Christmas Toilet Roll Craft Mania continues. Clearly we either have too many toilet rolls in our house! But we still adore crafting with them, as they are ever the thrifty craft material for kids.

This Toilet Roll Santa joins the ranks for our ever growing Christmas Crafts for Kids – an amazing resource of recycled crafts, new crafts, gifts kids can makes, cards and more!

Toilet Roll Santa Craft

After our Toilet Roll Rudolph and our Toilet Roll Snowmen, we now have a Toilet Roll Santa to share. In fact this one is a “Nikolo” – the German Sankt Nikolaus who comes on the 6th November and brings the children gold coins, dried fruit and clementines. We fill ours each year with treats and the kids to find in the morning of the 6th November. Of course the Santa also makes a nice decoration too.

Toilet Roll Santa Materials:

Toilet Roll Santa

  • toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes,
  • paint,
  • cotton wool,
  • a little skin colour (make it to suit your family heritage)
  • felt or card,
  • pen,
  • tissue paper and string,
  • googly eyes and
  • pom pom (optional, you can colour these on too)

How to make a Toilet Roll Santa:

1) First get the kids to paint the toilegt rolls for you. I love the “texture” you get when young kids paint!

TP Roll Crafts

2) Glue some tissue paper across the top of your toilet roll & then tie it with your string to shape it.

Toilet Roll Father Christmas

3) Start adding your details – cotton wool for the hat. Add your face and cotton wool beard and your googly eyes.

Toilet Roll Crafts Christmas

4) Don’t forget your pom pom nose!

Toilet Roll Santa Craft

All ready to fill! We get our Toilet Roll Santa out year on year!

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