12 Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts

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Ooooh I am soooooo excited about this post!  Here you have two of my very favourite things!!!! TOILET ROLLS and CHRISTMAS!!! Whoop whoop. I love easy Toilet Paper Roll crafts for kids, as Toilet Paper Rolls are FREE, everyone has them and they are incredibly and surprisingly versatile… Toilet Rolls ROCK…. and then we have Christmas. Oh how I love Christmas and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids – as the days grow shorter and we spend more and more time indoors, it is a great opportunity to get crafty.

Also, making Christmas crafts is all about the ANTICIPATION of Christmas. Looking forward to the big day… and also making Christmas “things” that you can give as gifts… or simply have fun with. So bring the two together – Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts, well, my crafty heaven!!! So without a further ado, here are 12 lovely little TP Roll Christmas ideas to hopefully get you crafty away straight away!

12 TP Roll Christmas Crafts

TP Roll Snowmen (and a game of Snowman Bowling)

Cute little TP Roll Angel (say aaaaah)

Our toilet paper roll nutcracker trio

Fabulous Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees – they are great as ornaments, decorations or even as Napkin Rings!

How about a Twiggy Rudolph? Yes please!

Or this super cute and simple TP Roll Santa (fill him with sweets for an extra treat!)

Celebrate 3 Kings Day with this simple but effective TP Roll Crown Craft

Alternatively, make your OWN set of 3 Kings AND a Camel! (The Camel still makes me giggle). Find the TP Roll 3 Kings here and the TP Roll Camel here.

We also had fun, with a Winter Small World Play

2 different types of DIY TP Roll Gift boxes (that kids can make too!)

Simlarly, you can decorate your TP Roll Boxes as adorable Snowman Gift Boxes!

Similarly, you can turn your Toilet Paper Roll, into this super duper quick and easy Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer gift box! Fill with treats and Hershey’s kisses! So fun.

And no Christmas crafting would be complete without your very own TP Roll Christmas Cracker Craft

Or make some cute little TP Roll Snowflakes with the kids and decorate the house!

We also ADORE this TP Roll Advent Calendar via Fun Crafts Kids

And aren’t THESE Super cute TP Roll Reindeer ??

Here is another cute TP Roll Angel

Aaaaah. How we love crafting with loo rolls!! And isn’t Christmas an even more exciting time to get crafty?! Wonderful indeed.

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Have fun making your Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts!!!