Toilet Paper Roll Dragonfly


It has been a while since we shared a Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids!! For many years TP Roll Crafting was a staple in the Red Ted Art household.. and then I got distracted by all those other wonderful craft materials out there… however, we have never forgotten the humble TP Roll and always love to come back to them and craft with them!

I am particularly excited about today’s TP Roll animal craft  – a super cute TP Roll Dragonfly! They are an example of where you take your toilet roll apart and put it back together again in a new way! This adorable dragonfly craft is part of our exploration of the ABC using Animal TP Roll Crafts. We are sharing them in “no particular order”, but will bring them all together in one place at the end. Also do check out our K for Koala – TP Roll Koala Craft. It is SO CUTE!

The Toilet Paper Roll Dragonfly Crafts published in March 2017 and updated and republished for your convenience!

Toilet Paper Roll Dragonfly – materials per beast:

  • 1 TP Roll
  • Paint
  • Masking Tape
  • Googly eyes
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Scissors

To Make your TP Roll Dragonfly:

  • Begin by cutting your TP Roll LENGTH wise in half. Take one half and roll it up. Secure with masking tape.
  • Take the second half of your TP Roll and cut out a pair of wings. Draw them out first if need be. Or alternatively, if you wind it awkward to cut easily.. you can cut two long pieces with rounded endes, which you can then cross over to make your wings.
  • Paint the body of your dragon fly (we chose green for one and purple for the other) and paint your wings (we chose white). To let them dry, we found it handy to insert the body of of the dragon fly onto an up turned paint brush which we balanced in a glass.
  • Once dry, you can add details to the body and wings – e.g. patterns with glitter glue etc.
  • Again, let dry. And once fully dry, glue on the wings and googly eyes.

And your TP Roll Dragonfly Craft is DONE!

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