Turtle Stool from Upcycled Plastic Bottles

How to make Plastic Bottle Stools – this is essentially a papier mache project! We love papier mache – it is so strong and so versatile and oh so fun. Our Upcycled Turtle stool is based on this super fun Cow Stool version.

We love making our own Papier Mache Paste from Flour too. This is a super thrifty, economical AND eco friendly project and great for long school holidays! Newspaper Crafts Rock!

Girl with recycled turtle stool made from plastic bottles and newspapers

Plastic Bottles Stool – Materials

  • 7 Plastic Bottles (large)
  • Newspapers
  • Homemade Papier Mache Paste (plain flour and water)
  • Masking Tape or string
  • Acrylics paints for decorating (or ordinary paint mixed with glue)

Learn how to make a Stool from Upcycled Plastic Bottles

Watch the Handy Plastic Bottles Stool video! Or check the written instructions below!

How to make a platic bottle stool – step by step instructions!

Tie the bottles together help secure them. You can use masking tape too (which you can leave on..). We actually recycled our string too. It is easier you tie the first 3 bottles together. And then the remaining 4.

Time to make your DIY Papier Mache Paste – using flour and water and the microwave (though you can do it on the stove too!).

Now it is time to start papier mache-ing. We cut LONG strips of paper and started applying it around the outside of the bottles. Regularly turning the bottles around to have an even amount of paper. Make sure the paper is covered in lots of paste, which will help strengthen it.

Once you have covered the sides. Repeate with long strips across the top.

Go to the video at 9:34 min and I give you a summary of my TOP TIPS for paper mache!

Keep working until it looks nice and thick and strong. You are likely to need 5-7 layers at least!

Let dry fully.

Then paint to your heart’s content. We decided to turn our stool into a turtle as Pip Squeak LOVES turtles and the bottles where green.. (like green little feet). And done.

Girl with upcycled plastic bottle stool
How to make a stool from plastic bottles and newspapers

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