How to sew a Spider Easy!


Time for a cute Spider Craft! I love it when Pip Squeak comes home and gives me our next new craft!!

Well this one isn’t “new new”.. she went to sewing club last October (yes, she gets to sew at home AND go to sewing club.. lucky her!!) with the wonderful Sew Pretty! I think it is important to teach kids how to sew.  And the combination of sewing at home and going to a club works really well for us! She went last Halloween as well and also came back with some fun things, that I meant to share at the time.. and then didn’t get round to it!

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Who knew spiders could be so cute and easy to sew!

This time, I vowed to post it on the blog ASAP…  as these little DIY Fabric Spider Patterns are so simple and the result is sew (get it) cute!! Teehee. So if you want to learn how to sew a spider easy…. keep on reading! This really is a great little spider pattern – great for beginners! And something that Coloured Buttons and her regular softie challenges would be proud of!

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Spider Pattern – Materials

  • Scrap material enough for 2 circles
  • Scrap black felt
  • Scraps for scarf or bows
  • 4 pipecleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun (they can be made without a hot glue gun, but if working with beginner sewers, the hot glue gun is useful!)
  • Your free pattern

How to sew a spider for beginners

Cut out your two circles – one needs to be around 14cm in diameter, the other in around 10cm in diameter – it is not exact!

Make a running stitch. (Read our Hand Sewing Stitches guide for info!).

Pull tight.

Add a little stuffing and sew shut.

Repeat with the second circle.

Heat up the hot glue gun.

Cut out your spider’s felt body.

Get 4 pipecleaners. Give them a little twist in the middle.

Add hot glue to the felt body. Position your legs between the head and body.

Then glue the head and body in place.

Glue on some googly eyes.

Finally add details such as scarves and bows if you wish!

Your spider is finished.

Pip Squeak and churn these out at 10minutes or so a spider.. and she is literally making 100s.. ok.. maybe not 100s, but 10s!!! They will look fabulous at Halloween!

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