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We adore Pop Up Card Projects.. especially when they are a Valentine’s Day Card for Kids! See how easy it is to make this Pop Out Heart Card for Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (4)
We have been making this gorgeous Pop Out Heart Card since Jan 2015! Wow, can you believe it!!!

This lovely Valentine’s Day Card is part of a guest post series throughout the month of January! Plenty of inspiration for everyone of all ages – whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day Cards, Valentine’s Day Decorations, Valentine’s Day Treats or Valentine’s Day Gifts… browse away and enjoy!

As with MANY of our cute Valentine’s card ideas, this card is of course also lovely to give to Mom on Mother’s Day or any other special person on their birthday! A pop-up heart card is suitable for so many occassions!

How to make a heart pop up card tutorial

I’m obsessed with pop-ups because they’re so cool, but I don’t necessarily have the patience to make the really complicated types. Luckily, this card looks rather complicated but in real life is really easy, so you and your kids can totally impress your special Valentine in just a few steps. Follow our instructions today and have a go!

Over to Jeanette from at Craft Whack! 

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Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids – Pop Out Heart – Supplies:

As with many of our card making ideas, the supplies you will need are quite basic and you won’t need to make expensive purchases. You can of course flex your creativity and embellish the basic card we share with you today!

  • Colored cardstock paper in valentine’s day card colors (if you wish!)
  • Fancy printed scrapbooking paper – if you have some! Plain colors work to and you can add doodle details or kawaii faces
  • Sharp scissors (or a craft knife for older kids or adults’ use) (no craft knife or cutting mat needed)
  • Pencils
  • Stick glue

Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids – Pop Out Heart Step Instructions

Step 1: Pick 4 pieces of paper: 3 pieces of coordinating colored card stock, and 1 piece of scrap book paper.

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (10)

Step 2: Take the piece of scrap book paper, fold it and draw a heart half at the fold to make your heart card template. I folded mine in at about 3″ or 8cm, but my heart was only drawn out to about 2″ or 5cm wide.

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (9)
Sketch out a ppaer heart shape

Step 3: Take a full piece of the card stock and fold it in half, lengthwise. Cut it down to a square.

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (2)
Scissors are fine – you don’t have to use a craft knife!

Step 4: Open up the card, and place it face down on the table. Place your first heart face down on top of the card, with the spines aligned. Trace around it with your pencil.

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (8)

Step 5: Fold the card stock and cut around the heart, leaving a small section on each side of the heart attached to the card. Gently fold the heart inward to the inside of the card.

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (3)
The pink circled bit willl become a “valley fold”

Step 6: Trace the heart on a flat (not folded) piece of card stock, and cut it out.

Step 7: Now you can glue your first adorable heart over the heart attached to the card.

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (7)
You can of course also just decorate the heart, rather than sticking on a paper heart

Step 8: Take your 4th piece of paper, cut it down to the size of the card and glue it to the outside of the cut-heart-card. This just finishes off the card and makes it neater and cooler and prettier and all that good stuff.

Super Secret Tip: Glue one side of the outside of the card with the heart cut out, place it carefully inside the plain card and press together, then do the other side.

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (5)

Wondering what to do with the poor, lonely leftover heart? Glue it to the front of your card and you are finished!

Valentines Cards pop up hearts (6)
Add another paper heart to the front of the card

Once finished, write some lovely messages and pop it into an envelope for that special person!

I hope you enjoyed making these easy heart pop up cards! And that you have a very Happy Crafting session!

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