Valentines Heart Hair Accessories


We love adorable Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crafts and have these special Valentines Heart Hair Accesories for you today as part of the 31 Days of Love guest post series!

Valentines Heart Hair Accessories

DIY Curly Hearts Hair Clips 

Welcoming Varya who is a mother of 3, an expat from Russia living in China. She blogs at Creative World of Varya about parenting, crafts, moral education and expat life.

I have two girls who go from long hair to short hair and who have a “love-hate“ relationship with hair clips. They manage to lose their hair clips and hair bands daily, so for a while I have given up on buying them. For this series I decided to surprise them and make for them these easy hair clips that they can easily mimic and also improvise to make their own. So here you go – DIY Curly Hearts Hair Clips. 

Valentines Heart Hair Accessories – Materials needed: 

  • Colourful construction paper
  • Decorative ribbon 
  • Double-sided tape 
  • Scissors
  • Plain Hair Clips of your choice
  • Pencil 

How to make a Heart Hair Clip for Valentiness Day

Valentines Heart Hair Accessories

1. Prepare all your materials and keep them together – that’s very important for a crafting process. 

2. Trace a heart shape on a folded piece of paper – for each clip you will need 2 identical hearts. 

3. Cut out your hearts and prepare several strips of ribbon which you can curl with a pencil or dull side of scissors blade. Mine was already curled because the ribbon was in a roll. 

4. Stick double-sided tape on one heart. Tear the white part off. 

Valentines Heart Hair Accessories

5. Stick the edges of the ribbon to the bottom of the heart. Tape over few more pieces of double-sided tape to cover the ribbon and the rest of the paper. 

6. Stick the second heart over. 

7. Measure a small piece of contact paper and stick double-sided paper over. This is what will hold your heart and the clip together. 

8. Tear off the white part and stick the paper to the upper part of the clip. 

9. Tape your heart over – voilà, you have your clip! 

Valentines Heart Hair Accessories

I have tried it on my own hair just to show it off to you. It is pretty cute, isn’t it? 

I am anticipating our house to be filled with these clips once the girls wake up! These clips are an excellent project for holidays or a rainy day. And they would make lovely low budget gifts. 

Would your girl like these hair clips? Let me know! 

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