Walnut Crafts – Reindeer Ornament

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Some of you may know that I love crafting with Walnuts and are always coming up with new Walnut DIYs. Like Horse Chestnuts, I have strong childhood memories of Autumn and Winter Crafts involving both Chestnuts and Walnuts. So both these items, though not necessarily common to others are items that I love crafting with, with my kids. Each year, I try and come up with a new Walnut Craft idea… and this year, we have this adorable little Rudolph Christmas Ornament – what do you think? My kids are quite excited about hanging these Reindeer Ornaments on our tree this year!

Cute Reindeer Ornament - Walnut Crafts
These Reindeer Walnut Ornaments were first shared in Dec 2014 and have been republished and updated for your convenience.

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Update: we have since made some cute little  Winter Bear Walnut Ornaments too. Take a peak!


This wonderful Reindeer Ornament is also included in our practical, easy to download and print out Christmas Ornament Book. Each craft is shared on one page – making the perfect worksheet print outs. Lovely to have them all in one place too!

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Walnut Reindeer Ornaments Materials:

  • A walnut
  • Brown felt (or brown paper)
  • Red mini pom pom (or a red button or red felt)
  • hanging ribbon
  • Glue
  • Black pen
  • Knife

Walnut Reindeer Ornament How To:

Watch the special “how to split a walnut” video tutorial on auto play!

Turn your walnut into a reindeer Ornament:

Walnut Crafts - Reindeer Ornament

1) First you need to split your walnut – the best way to split you walnuts in half is show in this video! (Whilst there, why not like my youtube channel?!) Doesn’t that walnut simply look perfect? LOVE that little Walnut Heart!

2) Clear out your walnut (and eat it! Nice and healthy).

3) Cut some Reindeer Antlers out. I actually did mine free hand… I have had a lot of practice, but draw some out first and use that as  a template.

4) Lots of PVA glue to the rim of your walnut. Position your antlers and hanging string.

5) Bring your walnut halves together and hold tight. Smooth down any excess glue with your finger.

Reindeer Crafts - Walnut Ornaments

6) Glue on your pom pom noses. And draw on your eyes. Googly eyes would look fun too!

Reindeer Ornament - Walnut Crafts

7) Your Reindeer Ornaments are now finished!! What do you think? Will you give this Walnut Craft a go?!

We have another super cute Reindeer Ornament here. This time with googly eyes and made from corks!

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Hope you enjoyed our little Ornament Crafts and see you again soon!

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