Ways to Use the Dragon Printable Puppet


If you are getting some Chinese New Year Activities ready over the coming days/ weeks, do take a look at our FREE Dragon Puppet Printable. For year’s it has been a super popular Chinese New Year paper craft with my readers. This year, I thought I would add some ways of using your Dragon Puppet Printable, OTHER than as a Dragon Puppet. How to learn and play with this free dragon puppet printable in different ways!

Dragon Printables

So this is all about using our ONE FREE Dragon Puppet Printable resource and creating different fun activities with it!

Ways to Use the Dragon Puppet Printable

Firstly – make our Paper Dragon Puppets!! That is of course a no brainer!! Paper puppets are so easy and so fun… and they are a great “take a long” toy to any Chinese New Year celebrations.

Secondly, you can use my original Dragon Printable to make this Dragon twirler.. though I confess, I made a new one.. because I felt like it! But they are essentially the same printable but used in different ways!

Chinese New Year Dragon Printable

Use the printable to make some Chinese New Year Gifts! Just change the print settings to 70-80% and print! Perfect for decorating a wrapped chocolate bar!

dragon bookmarks

The Dragon Printable is also great for making bookmarks. Again, you can print the printable out at “reduced size” and combine with red card.. or you can hop over to the Dragon Bookmark Printable and print out the ready made versions, including the Happy New Year messages.

Dragon puppet activities

Match the coloured dots and stickers on your Dragon Puppet as per Happy Tot Shelf! This is great for both fine motor skills and colour recognition. What other extension ideas could you add? How about:

  • Draw dashed lines for children to trace
  • Instead of colour matching, can you shape match triangles, squares and circles?

Make yoru own Paper Dragon Boat as Little Passports did here!! Simply combine a fun Origami Boat (fold the centre tip “in”, so you don’t see it) with a half size printed Dragon Puppet Head. Then add some paper straw oars and you have a cool Chinese New Year craft for kids!

Handprint Dragon

Grab the Dragon Printable from us and then head over to Baa Baa Beep for this cute Handprint version. A wonderful way for children to practice tracing skills, cutting skills, but also looking at colours and maybe counting – e.g. maybe use as many “handprints” as the child is old and see how long the dragon will be…

What other ways could you make the dragon’s body?

  • Use tissue paper
  • Make a cardboard body with split pins for movement
  • Make a “witch’s ladder” (like the legs on our Dancing Giraffe here – just bigger)
  • Connect paper cups to make a body
  • Connect a set of TP Rolls (either whole or cut in half) with a piece of string.. and stick the head and tail to these

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