Welcome to #Guidecentral – A Fabulous Crafty Resource

A few months ago, I went along to Britmums Live – a great UK blogging conference, perfect for seeing, meeting and catching up with fellow bloggers, but also for finding out about latest brands and online developments and keeping up to date with what is going on in the big wide interweb. I also had a LOVELY chat over coffee with Bianca from Guidecentral – who was keen to tell me all about a brand new app and craft platform that she and her team had been working on and developing. Passionate about crafts and sharing the crafty love, Bianca explained all about this craft resource. Since our first meeting, we kept in touch and I enjoyed downloading the FREE Guidecentral app, having a good nosey around and seeing what it had to offer.

But what exactly is Guidecentral and how does it work?


Well, to put it simply, it is a platform – which can access via both the internet at Guidecentral or via a (free!) Guidecentral app on your iOS, Android or Kindle device – that provides you not only with pictures of crafts and recipes, but also step by step photos and instructions on how to make said item. No more finding something you love, clicking through and arriving at an error page (which is something I find happens often on Pinterest), but actually clicking through and seeing how it is made, right there in front of you, with step by step photos and text.  A highly visual site created by crafters and bakers FOR crafters and bakers. The app makes it super brilliant for “on the go”, or for checking on recipes/ craft materials and step-by-steps when you are out and about (and shopping for said materials needed) or when actually making (rather than running backwards and forwards to your desktop).

The app is super easy to download and once on your phone, you can set up a profile by connecting to it via Facebook or Twitter. Easy peasy! (Once you are there, be sure to come and find me – here, also find the lovely Bianca here!). You don’t have to sign up to browse… and if you do sign up, you can sign up via email or social media (e.g. Facebook or Twitter).

I love browsing the trending projects for daily inspiration and I REALLY love that you can brows it by materials – e.g. the kids want to make, but all you have in is scrap paper? What to make? Click and look and you will have lots of inspiration. Got some stones? Want to make something? Search the stone section etc. You catch my drift!


As this app and website grows, Guidecentral will be an increasingly valuable resource for people searching for wonderful ideas to create.

And the best bit, is you can access it from your smartphone – either iOS or Android – or the web.. so whatever medium suits you best, it is there for you.


“What is in it for you”, the Maker Program…. Do you LOVE to make? Would you LOVE to share your crafts and recipes? But you don’t really “blog” and need “somewhere to share your ideas”? Or maybe you do blog, but want to gain more exposure and reach a new community? Somewhere that is easy to use, is fun, has a sense of community AND (here is the best bit) PAYS you to take part? Welcome, to Guidecentral and the Maker Program.


Either import your photos or take photos of your craft on your phone as you go along, load them to the app and submit. It couldn’t be easier than that.. and a nice little earner whilst you are at it.


Some of the featured Makers are earning a few hundred pounds per month working via the Maker Program. The prompts that you get as you go along, when uploading your projects, makes it easy to use and fun. Also, you get paid per uploaded project AND you can earn more, based on the number of “likes”. Genius. A simple and fun way to create and share your ideas, with a like minded community and earn whilst you do so. It is also a great way to get “yourself” and your “blog out there”. You can share old projects from your own site (you will ALWAYS OWN the copywright to your images) and Guidecentral will help you connect with other crafters and new readers.

What is stopping you? Go and check Guidecentral out now.

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