TP Roll Gift Box Ideas

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Soooo, yes, we do have little spurts of activity and craftiness.. and often one theme sparks another.. you may have noticed a few TP Roll Crafts popping up on Red Ted Art these last few days.. well, if you know us, you know how much we LOVE craft with Loo Rolls! So much so, we have a WHOLE CATEGORY dedicated to them! Do also peak at our DIY Gift Boxes. We are also in a point of our crafting lives, where practically the whole family (including Opapa in Austria), finds it difficult to throw away a TP Roll. Hahahaha. Anyway, today, we have super simple and quick to make TP Roll Crafts – these adorable little TP Roll Gift Boxes in TWO different design.. one I like to call the “classic TP Roll Gift Box” (the red one) and the other is the “Tetra TP Roll Gift Box” (the shiny ones).  Both Gift Box ideas are REALLY easy to make. So they are brilliant as little “favour bags” at a party, you can fill them with confetti for New Year’s Eve or a wedding or of course use them as gift boxes at Christmas or Birthdays – be it to give “cash” or gift cards, or for small presents (diamond ring? Yes please!).

Easy Gift Box DIYs

Note: I know some people are not so keen on TP Rolls – you can make all these crafts using Kitchen Towel Tubes cut in half too.. perfect if you are filling your “TP Roll” gift box with sweets and treats!

Classic TP Roll Gift Box How To:

toilet roll gift box

The classic gift box idea, really is SUPER easy… technically, all you need is a  TP Roll and you are done. But of course it is nice to decorate your box too.. you can decorate it using paint (easy, but you need to prep to allow the paint to dry – we used acrylic paint for that smooth finish), you can wrap it in wrapping paper, cover it in stickers or washi tape or just add ribbons! Really, make it as simple or “complicated as you like”

The basic box is easy….. take one end of your TP Roll and gently press the centre point in – to get a kind of curved effect. Then repeat on the opposing side, and let the flap you create overlap. Repeat at the other end and done!

TP Roll Gift Boxes

Then decorate to your hearts content. We kept it super simple here. But I think simple works really well!

toilet paper roll valentines gift box

Kawaii Hearts are perfect as Valentines Gift Boxes, but would also be lovely for Mother’s Day or as Birthday Gift Boxes!

Valentines owl

What a Hoot! We are rather partial to all things OWL CRAFT related.. how cute are these yarn wrapped owl gift boxes? So fun. Again, these would be suitable for Valentines Gifting, Mother’s Day or Birthdays!

Tetra TP Roll Gift Box

How to Make a TP Roll Gift Box Treta Pack

Like the first gift box, you can make these as simple or as “complicated as you like”. We painted them in bright metallic colours first (I used acrylic paint). Paint them the day before you need to fill them! Alternatively, you can leave them plain, and again decorate with stickers and washi tape and ribbons.

Also, here we used a stapler, but you can also “make” your box using tape or washi tape, instead.

To make your box – take one end and “flatten” it, bringing the sides together to from one straight edge. Staple in place.

Now turn your cardboard tube bu 90 degrees, flatten again, and staple again. This gives you that nice pyramid shape to your Gift box.

Then decorate to your hearts content. I think these work really well for holding confetti or as little “party favours”.

Cardboard Tube Gift boxes

Here are some great design variations on this toilet roll gift box shape:

valentines gift box gnomes

Make some Valentines Gnome Craft boxes. So cute and easy!

Chicken Treat Boxes

Or how about this fantastic Pyramid Chicken Box?

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