Simple TP Roll Snowflakes

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The Christmas TP Roll craft collection grows, as we add some fabulously easy Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes to them.

Nothing quite like some gorgeous recycled Christmas Decor!

TP Roll Snowflakes

We have been “eyeing up” these little TP Roll Snowflakes for quite some time.. well do we do love a good ol’ TP Roll craft, don’t?! So it was about time we had a go at these oh so simple TP Roll Snowflakes. You can make them quite big and ornate, if you like, or if working with kids (like us), keep them nice and simple. What I love about these TP Roll Snowflakes is the genius use of the TP Roll properties – essentially, all you need to do is cut strips of the TP Roll to create perfect circles!

TP Roll Snowflake Materials:

  • One TP Roll per snowflake
  • White or silver paint
  • White or silver glitter (optional)
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Bakers Twine for hanging

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TP Roll Snowflake How To:

  • I confess…. I can never decide whether to paint the TP Roll first and then assemble, or whether to assemble first and then paint… uhm. I THINK we marginally prefer to paint the TP Rolls FIRST (though I didn’t show those steps here in the photo)

TP Roll Snowflake Craft

  • Once your TP Roll is painted (or not), flatten you  TP Roll (you will need the ends pointing) and cut your TP Roll in half – as accurately as possible (but no need to get a ruler out). And then cut each half into thirds.. giving you six even ish pieces.

TP Roll Snowflakes for Christmas

Tp Roll Snowflake Crafts

  • Glue the pieces together. We used quite “tacky” PVA and found that it was enough to simply align all our pieces and let them set to dry – i.e. no need for clothes pegs or similar to keep our TP Roll Snowflake “in place” whilst drying.
  • How to Make a TP Roll Snowflake
  • Now you either paint it (if you didn’t above), or simply dip the ends of your TP Roll in a bit of glue, followed by a bit of glitter). Let dry again. We did try covering the hole TP Roll Snowflake and though pretty.. it was a bit messy! I think the tips, look just as nice and are much easier to do.

Take your bakers twine, hang, stand back and admire your lovely TP Roll Snowflake craft!!

Want more (ornate) TP Roll Snowflakes, take a look at this Flickr Stream (and of course follow the lovely maker!)


Hope you loved these Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes and are inspired to have a go! We have lots more Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts here: