Reversible Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin Garland For Halloween & Thanksgiving

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We do love a bit of Yarn Wrapping! Tactile and great for fine motor skills and I do think the results are adorable, even if I say so myself!! Last year (or was it two years ago now?! I just looked.. it was FOUR years go.. my how time flies (and how digress)) we had the most adorable Yarn Wrapped Apples.. this year, I have a special Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin Garland – not any old Pumpkin Garland mind.. but a REVERSIBLE one.. yep… make this now.. then during all of October you have the cutest Jack O’Lantern Garland to decorate your home with.. then on the 1st of November, flip over your Yarn Wrapped Jack O’Lanterns.. and hey presto you have a lovely Thanksgiving Pumpkin Garland. Actually, it would make a great Harvest Festival Garland too. Just perfect! I think these make are great alternative to Turkey Crafts at Thanksgiving.. and a nice addition to our collection of Halloween Crafts for Preschool!

Reversible Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin Garland - perfect for BOTH Halloween and Thanksgiving (and Harvest Festivals too!!). Love this adorable Yarn Wrapped Pumpking for preschoolers and older kids #ece #halloween #pumpkin #yarn #jackolantern #thanksgiving
First shared in Sept 2018

Reversible Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin Garland

  • Orange Wool
  • Cardboard (recycled)
  • A little paint or green paper or green wool
  • A little black paper or black felt
  • Something for hanging (e.g. bakers twine)
  • Scissors
  • A little glue
  • A tin can (for tracing)

Halloween Book Recommendation

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything! This book recommendation comes by lovely Instagram Reader Lizette! Who also shared her wonderful version of our Yarn Pumpkins! Aren’t they adorable!? Love all the different types.

Lizette says about this Halloween Story and craft

We love reading themed books that coordinate with the holidays. I try reading one book every night but I usually get suckered into reading more [Teehee don’t we all?!]. One of my favourite Halloween books is “The LIttle Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” by Linda Williams. Why? Because at age two Lily Learned what sound each clothing made (you’ll understand if you you’ve read the book). Lily abd I made these pmpkin decorations. I got the idea from Red Ted Art. It was the perfect craft to go along with the book.

How to make your Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin Garland (reversible for Halloween and Thanksgiving)

Check out our how to video instructions on auto play or follow the step by step photos below!!

Also, for those of you who have asked.. you can see more re the Penguin Pen Pot here!

The Pumpkin Template

Begin by making your cardboard pumpkin template (be it for keeping it as a pumpkin or for making a Jack O’Lantern. Trace the tin can. Then take your traced circle and with the pencil sketch a slightly flattened circle – make it more oval/ pumpkin shape. Add a pencil stem. Your basic pumpkin is finished!

Cut out your template and trace and cut more pumpkins (I think 5-7 is a nice number!).

The Pumpkin Stem

If you wish, paint your pumpkin stem green! Now it does add some drying time to the process.. so you may wish you simply use green pens to colour the stem in or you could glue on a little green paper. Or you can even yarn wrap it with green wool. (Or paint it AND yarn wrap it!).

Time to WRAP your Yarn

I cut a little snip at the top of your pumpkin to allowed you to wedge the wool in place to start wrapping our yarn pumpkin… then hand over to the kids and wrap wrap wrap. You may need to encourage younger kids to turn the apple as you go round, else you may end up with an apple with a big bulge all in one direction.

When finished, we tied the yarn around the pumpkin stem and left a long ish piece for hanging our pumpkin craft. You can of coure tuck in the orange yarn and add a little green for hanging ( a bit like the pumpkin vines you sometimes get).

Reversible Jack O’Lantern for Halloween

Time to add some jack O’Lantern features with either paper or black felt. And glue on.

Bringing your yarn wrapped garland together

Simply tie your yarn pumpkins to your hanging string/ bakers twine and hang by your mantle piece of door way. Turn all the Jack O’Lantern faces forward for Halloween and reverse again for Thanks Giving!

DONE! Love a two in one craf that you can enjoy ALL seaons!!

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