Create Your Own Happy

Yes it is time for another fabulous book review: Create Your Own Happy!!! As you know, I love to “create” here on Red Ted Art and there is nothing more important than beeing “happy”. For a new generation that is bombarded with images of perfection, are under pressure to be “social” 24 hours are day and always put their best side forward, we have a generation of kids who are at risk of loosing their way and well, being unhappy. Create Your Own Happy is a fun, interactive guide to finding balance and happiness in your life.

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Based on extensive research of “what makes people happy” it comes up with about 40 different ideas of how to

  • Make yourself happy
  • Make others happy and
  • Make the world happy

The ideas range from simple (e.g. thank you – linked to a gorgeous thank you tree activity) to figuring out how to be “more brave”. The best thing abouy the book, is that not only does it provide you with these fabulous activities, but there is a review section helping you understand better how it went, as well as an explanation as to why these activities are so important and great for your well being.

Each activity chapter would make a great activity in the classroom as well – as it is well layed out, explained and researched – whilst the activities themselves remain open ended for children to really think about and work through a problem or thought. They would make great family activities too. Maybe try one once a month?

As part of the book’s “Blog Tour”… I have been allocated the “Upcycled Crafts Slot”!! As you know that is RIGHT up my street! There is nothing quite like Upcycling something old and creating something new! The book suggests many activities:

Upcycle some jeans into shorts – or in my case – turn old jeans into a skirt!

Turn old tin cans into fabulously cute Kawaii Pen Pots

Recycle old crayons and make NEW Crayons!

Decorate a jar and fill it with sweets – like our snowman treat jars!

What I love about Create Your Own Happy, is that it takes a new look on what you are doing. Yes, creativity is important and also a contributor to happiness… As the book says “Being Creative and solving problems is good for happiness” at the same time you are reducing the need for something to be bought and therefore reduce the impact on the environment. You have made something special and unique and it didn’t (really) cost you a penny!

How lovely indeed!

The book is filled with gem activties like this!! Many make you think about what you are doing? Asking yourself questions about your environment and making others happy. Thinking about how it made you feel and providing you with happy facts and feel good answers.

I think this book makes a lovely gift for both boys and girls alike (Pip Squeak already made the calm down jar within minutes of getting the book, her older brother wanted to make one too and is now patiently waiting for our jam to finish so he can have a go).

I do think it is useful to read SOME of this book together and help challenge the children to think about happiness. It would also make a great addition to any Classroom curriculum about wellbeing and happiness! In fact.. I am going to get my school a copy today!