Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Craft for Preschoolers

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We love St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids especially when they are also suitable Shamrock crafts for Preschoolers AND make an adorable but easy Shamrock Decoration!

Today’s Shamrock craft is just that: make this Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Craft with your kids (or on your own – I confess to secretly really enjoying making these too). They would look gorgeous as a shamrock garland, hung up 2s and 3s or as individual Shamrock Decorations. Just lovely!!!

Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Craft for Preschoolers. Easy Shamrock Decoration for St Patrick's Day. Love this Shamrock Template and great toddler St Patrick's Day Craft. They would make great Shamrock Garlands or simple decorations. Add googly eyes to make Shamrock Critters for Preschool #shamrocks #stpatricksday #preschool #critters #toddler
These yarn wrapped shamrocks were first shared in Feb 2018

And as with our Yarn Wrapped Apples from many moons ago, they are super fun and easy to make. Today, I include some Shamrock Templates for you too!

Yarn Wrapped Shamrocks – Materials

  • Cardboard
  • Green yarn/ wool (we have two different tones, which is nice!)
  • Green paint (optional)
  • Your shamrock template (or make your own)

The Shamrock Template and worksheet instructions are available over on Teacher’s Pay Teachers for modest contribution towards the upkeep of this website. You can however make your own template, by drawing 3 hearts and a stem!

How to make Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Decorations

Yarn Wrapped Shamrock – Step by Step Instructions

Download the shamrock template and trace your shamrock.

Top tip: smaller scissors are easier to handle!

Cut out your shamrocks from your cardboard – depending on the age of the children, a grown up may choose to do this. (We actually did both.. painted some cardboard first, then cut and vice versa…)

Paint your cardboard green and let dry fully – you can choose to leave the cardboard brown too – we think that still looks nice! You can also choose to paint both sides of your cardboard. We decided to only paint one side!

Knot a piece of yarn around the centre of your cardboard shamrock.. then start wrapping!

Keep wrapping..

You can use two colours of yarn at the same time and add googley eyes and felt cheeks

.. and wrapping. Personally I think it is nice if you criss cross as much as possible. Also, I don’t think it matters if you don’t cover ALL your cardboard. Don’t forget your stem!

Knot your string to some of the wrapped yarn. Leave a long piece for hanging and your easy Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Craft is finished!

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You can also watch our Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Video tutorial on YouTube