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Easter Crafts for 2011

| April 1, 2011 | 29 Comments

Easter Craft Ideas

Hooray! Easter 2011 Get Crafty has been “brewing” for some time now – especially since Easter is so late this year… but fabulously, that means, that we probably have more choice and wonderful crafts to get inspired from! As expected, there are lots of bunnies, chicks, some lambs, as well as lovely spring flowers…. I do hope you find something you like and that you are inspired to GET CRAFTY!

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Get Crafty for Children

Egg Drop

I am going to start of with this absolutely brilliant and fun craft “Egg Drop”! Zoe from Playing by the Book, has the most fabulous ideas – she takes inspiration from all around the world and does so with these Egg Drop eggs. Think confetti. Think Easter. Think LOTS OF FUN. No go and see what they got up with these eggs…. click Egg Drop.


Chick in Egg

When I saw this, I just thought aaaaaaah, how cute! What a lovely little craft – you have the whole chicken and egg thing going on and some of our favourite googly eyes! And the chick is made from a pipecleaner – who would have thought! See LitLad for more.


Woolly Lambs

Well, if you have wool and better craft than to make a little lamb. Here is a simple, but oh so cute idea – your kids get to have a go at drawing lambs and get to do some sticking! Lovely. Cathy from Nurturestore and her girls show us how they went about it!


Sock Bunny

This is fabulous little Guest Post that at The Other Mousie did for Red Ted Art a while back. What I love about it, is that is SUPER cute, but in fact SUPER easy. So kids “can too”. Take a look out our sock bunny how to!



Bunny Pegs

If you want to help your kids make some small gifts for Easter, how about some yummy granola bars (or other homemade cookies) with a lovely little Easter Bunny Peg? And whilst you are there, you will see our “first delve into Kids Craft”! Red Ted gets stuck in at 2yrs old :-)


Toddler Easter Egg Cards

I love how Adele from Monkeying Around always comes up with very toddler friendly crafts! And she has done it again! This times she shows us her very cute Easter Egg cards – 100% toddler friendly. Hooray.



Egg Bunting

I am rapidly growing to be the new biggest fan of Sun Hats & Wellieboots – Catherine comes up with gorgeous and fun crafts to make with her little girl each week. I always wait in anticipation of what she has in store for us next! And I do love her spray painted egg bunting. We NEED to do it this!


Egg Carton & Lentil Daffodils

Liz makes some very cute and cheery Easter daffodils here. Not only does she use wonderfully yellow egg cartons, but I love the fun and cute “lentil” detail…. Lovely! And I bet her little girl loved making these – every minute of the craft! Visit Liz and her lovely little shadow and see how they went about it all!


Easter Bonnet

It is the time of year where many schools are making Easter Bonnets. Cathy at Nurturestore made these adorable Easter Chicks out pom poms. Poms poms really are fun and a “must” for any child’s crafting lifetime. Go and have a look for more!


Loo Roll Bunnies

No Get Crafty can be without some Loo Roll crafts… and they are like buses – you wait for one to come along and you get THREE! First up, these adorable little bunnies from Crafts by Amanda. Love ’em. Love ’em. Love ’em.



And… another Loo Roll Bunny

This time from the wonderful Child Made Tutorial craft site. I think this one is simply ADORABLE. And puts a whole new dimension on how I view loo roll crafts… (Whilst there check out all the other Loo Roll crafts.. boy does this lady know her loo rolls!).


And…. Loo Roll Spring Flowers

Aren’t these lovely? Hooray for loo rolls. Hooray for spring and for Hooray for Spring Flowers.  A Glimpse Inside made these lovely tulips. I love the detail of the grass and stem. Sweet.



Egg Candles

I love love love these egg candles. They are adorable. They are seasonal and they are FABTASTIC! Did you give Egg Blowing a go? Did your eggs break? Don’t fear, visit Lightly Enchanted and see how to make these cute little egg candles. I am enchanted!



Paper Bunny

I am so impressed at how this cute little bunny is made out of one piece of paper … it is cute it is fun it is lovely! Perfect for Easter Get Crafty! Brimful Curiosities shares a lovely story with us and then how to make these bunnies.




I LOVE this idea – grow some wonderful spring grass – yes GRASS and make your Easter baskets simply too cute for words. I love the idea of  real grass and I think it is FABULOUS! Especially for those of us living in flats and cities… get some greenery into our home! See how Him, Her and Olivia got about making these.


Bubble Wrap Cards

Aaaah, aren’t these cute! Love the use of bubble wrap, bows and glitter. A great but different craft in time for Easter. Small hands will love helping with these. The Domestic Goddesque shows us how she made them.



East Bunny Cards

If you would rather go for a bunny card, then Liz from Me And My Shadow has another cute idea for you – use your bunny cookie cutters and some cotton wool and hey presto a perfect toddler craft for you. You certainly will have some happy bunnies in your house!



Chick Wool Nest

Aaaah dear Anna from The Imagination Tree made these super cute cute CUTE Easter nests with her kids.. they are so simple, even the littlest can help – and yet they look so fabulous! Go and see what basic items you need and see how easy it is to make!



Egg Sound Set for 2yrs olds

I love this cute idea from Elle Belle’s Bows blog – make a rattle and sound set for your wee ones this Easter – away with all that chocolate, bring some fun and games into… visit Elle Belle’s Bows for how she made it and what different sounds they produced! Lovely.



Clay Nests

How cute and colourful are these clay nests from over at Fab Mums. I love the vibrant colours and the shredded paper for straw – these make for fab Easter gifts or great table decorations. If you don’t have air drying clay, why not make them out of coloured saltdough? Lovely! Also visit Maria’s blog to see three different Easter Card making ideas – they very cute and fun! Click here and here.


Thumbprint Art

Oh my, I am rapidly becoming a HUGE fan of thumbprint art – I think that the ideas are exhausted and someone comes along with even more! Here we have bunnies, flowers, chicks and butterflies – what could you want more for Easter? Visit Sweet and Lovely Crafts and take a closer look!



Get Crafty for Adults

Origami Bunnies

I love Paper Crafts – you can usually make them anywhere out of anything… it just takes a little practice. So far I can only make paper boats and cups… but I do like the idea of these cute little bunnies. See how Marvellously Messy made these and learn the wonderful skill of Origami.


Egg Blowing & Simple Pattern

Aaah well… if you do want to give some good old traditional egg blowing a go… come and visit my “Egg blowing” post… egg blowing is much easier than you think and the result is wonderfully delicate. Copy this simple pattern and decorate your house for Easter.


Keepsake Onesie Bunnies

Another one from Red Ted Art… well no, not quite – this is from the wonderful Ruth at Summerland… and she shared this wonderful bunny pattern with us a Guest Post! Why not make some for your children’s Easter baskets.. surely one chocolate egg less and one cuddly bunny more cannot be a bad thing?!



When I saw these carrots I just had to smile! We go on and on about bunnies and chicks and totally forget that they need something to eat! I think they look fabulous and would be a great addition to any child’s toy kitchen or as a fun alternative to Easter decor. Visit Carolyns Homework to see how she made them!


Bunny Baskets

Oh my! How wonderful are these cute cute bunny baskets!! I know I say I “LOVE EVERYTHING” on Easter Get Crafty.. but you know, I do! That is why I put Get Crafty together and I LOVE these wonderful bunny baskets… and it is certainly on my crafty sewing skills list… Sun Scholars shares how they made them.


Bunny Buckets

And here is a slightly smaller version for you to try. Positively Splendid gives us a superb tutorial on how to make these… I know my little ones, would go hopping mad if they got to collect their eggs in these… What can you say, positively splendid!


Crochet Flowers

As you know I am a crochet beginner and am now always on the look out for new quick and easy patterns to have a go at! So I had to add these flowers by Measured by the Heart. They are also a nice distraction from all the animals… flowers are good. Go Flower Power!


Nest & Chick Pattern

Red Ted Art really is all Eastery this season.. here is another fab little pattern for you – a felted nest and chick – a fabulous Guest Post from Cara at Freckless Family for us. Check out the nest & chick and then go and visit her wonderful site. I just love the little chocolate eggs the chick was sitting on…



Wrapped Eggs

Oooh I think these eggs look LOVELY!  Though the post is also about these gorgeous eggs – which are made out of eggs wrapped in fabulously covered thread, the post over at Craft Berry Bush is really about being “you”… create what is you. Post what is you… stay you. A lovely post with a gorgeous craft.



Loo Roll Napkin Rings

Well… this is a fab little craft, as the basis of this cute napkin ring is a Loo Roll!! And I love love love anything to do with loo rolls… Clever lady Ruth came up with this fab idea – visit her blog to see how to convert the humble paper roll and then decorate it with this cute chick!



Easter Treats and Bakes

Bunny Bread

I do love it when people get crafty in the kitchen with their kids! The wonderful Catherine from Sun Hats & Wellieboots makes these adorable Bunny Breads with her little girl Minnie! I WANT TO MAKE SOME with Red Ted NOW! Lovely.



Chick Muffin

If you muffins are more you thing, how about a little chick muffin to get you in the Easter mood? Calico and Cupcakes actually also has some adorable lamb muffins too, so do go and visit her blog for more information of how she went about it!.


Rice Crispy Easter Nest

What Easter Get Crafty would be the same without an Easter Nest – generations of children have been making these for years and years and now we have a lovely recipe for you! Utterly Scrummy Food for Families shares her lovely recipe with us – complete with yellow “straw”. Now go make one…


Butterscotch Bird Nest

And here is another bird nest, I could resist – if chocolate isn’t you thing, then maybe butterscotch is? Not only do you need Rice Crispies, but Chinese noodles, marshmallows and butterscotch chips. How yum do these sound! Mmmh. Sun Scholars shares the whole recipe with us!


Sheep Cake

I think that sheep and lambs are often forgotten with all those bunnies and chicks hopping and chirping about, so when I saw this cake, I HAD to share it with you – ok, no recipe, but here are some very handy links for different ways of doing the different bits (like fluffy fondant). Sooo. You inspired? Then go explore Fowl Single File.


Flower Biscuits

The lovely Chris at Thinly Spread made these pretty little flower cookies to celebrate her “1st Birthday” on her blog. I thought they looked adorable and that Easter isn’t just about “all the animals, but also some pretty flowers… so here you go… you won’t actually find a recipe, but I hope the flower prettiness inspires you to have a go!


Mini Egg Cookies

Did you know that I use get crafty as reference material for myself? I often add things, that I want to come back to in future… and this cookie recipe is one of them. Thank goodness they contain mini eggs and are therefore most definitely for Easter! So if you have lots of mini eggs left over, you now know what to make! Visit In Her Kitchen for the recipe! Nom nom nom.


Bunny Yoghurt

The Little Food Junction is a place that makes food fun for kids! There are lots of ideas for every occasion and “preference”. Ok, so most of us don’t have time to serve up a bunny yoghurt every day – but the ideas are quick and easy and make a boring meal into something fun almost instantly… so go have a look and be inspired!


Sheep Cookie

Be warned, these may take a while to make! You actually have to wait for the icing to set before you add more bubbles.. but aren’t the bubbles brilliant? I love this sheep cookie and I am sure the receiver will do. Visit Domestic Sugar to find out more!


Muffin Easter Nests

These made me smile – no, not an ordinary Easter basket – but an Easter Basket Cupcake! Brilliant and how fun fun fun! By the Bluegrass blog shows us the simple recipe and fabulous idea.



Make Your Own “Kinderegg”

Oh my oh my oh my!!! Kindereggs were certainly a big part of my childhood and now of course my children are interested in them.. but don’t you find, there is never “enough chocolate”… why not have a go at making your own Egg Surprise?! Sun Scholars does it for us again. A little bit of effort, but my word the results are fun – filled with jelly eggs and jokes, these are very special Easter gifts!


Need more Easter Ideas? Check out Easter 2012 and Egg Decorating Ideas:

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  1. Zoe says:

    Wow wow wow! Maggy, reading this post is like going into a sweet shop – so many gorgeous looking possibilities! I think the edible section (unsprisingly!) is my favourite. Thank you so much for including Playing by the book :-)

  2. camille says:

    thank-you for featuring us, there are some lovely crafts here we must try :)

  3. Lila says:

    What a lovely birthday present to see this feature today! Thanks so much. Lila

  4. Red Ted Art says:


    Zoe – I love the comparison to a sweet shop!! Fab and the sweet shop starts with your FABULOUS egg drop :-)

    Camille – my pleasure – loved your craft!!!

    Maggy x

  5. Amanda says:

    So many great ideas, what a great round up Maggy! Thanks for including my cardboard tube bunny family!

  6. Rachel says:

    Wow! So many great ideas! You’ve put together a wonderful collection. Thank you for featuring my Bunny Easter Baskets, Bird Nest Snacks, and Surprise Eggs!!! :)

  7. Janelle says:

    Brillant round up! So many great ideas. I’ve never heard of Kindereggs before now.

    Thanks for adding our foldable paper bunny. In February, my daughter and I made a whole bunch of them for Valentine’s Day and added a Dum Dum pop for the tail. Would make a great Easter card as well!

  8. Kerri says:

    Hi Maggy! Thanks so much for the feature! I cannot wait to come back and check out some of the other blogs! Looks like lots of great ideas. I love that you have the crafty in the kitchen too!

    I added link back to this post in my original post. Have a great weekend!


  9. Red Ted Art says:

    Hooray! So pleased you all like the round up! Hope it provides with inspiration and thank you to those who have provided some GREAT links!

  10. Fabulous roundup! Thanks for sharing my tulip art! :)

  11. Liz Burton says:

    So many lovely ideas I can’t wait to get stuck in!!

    Thanks so much for featuring some of mine :0)

  12. Megan Berry says:

    Thank you, thank you for the feature! You’ve got a whole load of ideas here that I need to try before Easter. Thanks for sharing the love and inspiration!!

  13. Emma Burford says:

    Wow these are so wonderful…. especially love the Pom Pom Chicks which reminds me of endless hours spent making these as a child.. well pom pom balls that is!

  14. becky says:

    Superb list maggie I am all resy to give them a go with the kids

  15. Chiara says:

    Thank you for the feature on the chick cupcakes/muffins! I am thrilled to say I have gone international! Your blog is an absolute delight to read–so many wonderful ideas. I appreciate that you highlight projects that are approachable and at which the average person can succeed. Thank you! I will be checking in again for more inspiration.

  16. Wow, thanks for adding me in. Lovin’ the round up!

  17. thanks so much for featuring my crochet flower pattern. I am now a follower and I grabbed your button too. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.–connie, measuredbytheheart.blogspot.com

  18. Red Ted Art says:

    Yay! Lovely to meet you too Connie!

    Chiara – look forward to seeing more of you and I love your cupcakes they were so cute!

    Meghan – well your sheep is just too adorable not to be included!

  19. Messy Missy says:

    Aw, thanks for the feature!!!

  20. Bev says:

    How fab! Lots of ideas! I will be using at least a few I reckon! :)

  21. These crafts are all so good, I don’t know which one to choose! Neither can I shorten my Funky Moose wish list…..why do you do this to me???

    Thanks for featureing me 😉

  22. Karen says:

    Super cute, we just made an easy Easter wreath. Karen

  23. maria says:

    Wonderful selection as usual, thanks for including me:)

  24. Jo Green says:

    Wow, so many great ideas, I don’t know where to begin! I just love the Muffin Easter basket idea. That’s adorable!

  25. becky says:

    I am loving funky ,,oose beano suff how cool!

  26. Amy says:

    Yeah tons of ideas to use. Thanks again!

  27. Saved By Love Creations says:

    Hi! I am stopping by from Sunday Showcase. I am a new follower. Great blog. Blessings…
    Saved By Love Creations

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