21+ Adorable Easter Chick Crafts for Kids

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We do love some cute Easter Chick Crafts here at Red Ted Art. Of course suitable as spring chick crafts too! Whether Easter crafting or spring crafting.. continue to read!

Collage of cute Easter chick crafts for kids
Adorable chick crafts kids can make for Easter crafting and spring! They make fabulous decorations too!

To be honest, I didn’t realise that we had quite so many chicks and chicken crafts on the website until I started writing this for you (I also discovered we have a great set of Easter Basket DIYs, Bunny Crafts and Egg Decorating crafts!! Whoop)!

Sometimes it easier just to take all the old craft ideas and put them all in one place for you to browse, isn’t it?! These hens, chicks and chickens are perfect crafts for Easter as well as spring crafts.

I think you can make a number of these as little Easter Basket gift ideas – moving away from all that chocolate and instead making something cute that your kids can play with!

Onto our adorable chick crafts for kids to make

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: juggling chickens bean bags

One of our favourite chicken or chick crafts to date – these adorable little Pyramid Juggling Chooks! They are a super easy beginners sewing project and once you have made one you won’t want to stop! See below for our LARGE Pyramid Chicken, which is great as a door stop!

Easter Chick Banner
Cutest Easter Chick Banner!

Cutest of cute egg shaped Easter Chick Garland!! So easy to customise the colours and designs for your Easter decor. Grab the printable today!

Quick & Easy Chick Planter DIY

Oh my! These cute little Spring Chick Planters make the PERFECT no candy gift idea this Easter. They are super quick and easy to make and look so cheerful. Perfect for succulents and small cactii. A gorgeous Easter Gift or Easter Decoration to make!! You can have lots of fun with lots of different colors exploring the spring color palette! I know these are planters, but they would make cute table decorations too.. fill with Easter grass and chocolate bunnies! Too cute.

If fluffy chick crafting is your thing.. then of course you need to have a go at the classic Pom Pom Chicks – these were made using the Finger Pom Pom Making method, but of course the pom poms made with cardboard discs work really well too. Then add a diamond shaped felt beak, feet and googly eyes and done! Doesn’t a single pom pom at the end there make an adorable baby chick?!

Pom pom chicks

Another fluffy chick DIY. Well.. you do need a pom pom in any easter chick crafts round up. These little chick pom poms have fluffy wings. So cute and fun to make. Check out how easy it is to add the wings!

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: knitted chick and nest

If you love knitting, check out this cute chick free knitting pattern, complete with nest!

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: Stone Ducks

Another little favourite are our stone chicks – actually, they are stone DUCK chicks to go with the “5 little ducks song”, but who is going to worry about a Duck vs Chicken.. right? Cute they are! And easy to make, pop over and follow our simple pattern and instructions today.

Recycled chick DIYs to make with kids

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: Hen and Chick Easter Craft

Adore this little Easter set. Turn an egg carton into an Easter nest, complete with with either hard boiled or “blown” out Egg Chicks (just ad the chick’s beak and some dots for eyes to a yellow egg) – not quite egg carton chicks, but certainly a nice compbination of eggs and egg carton crafting. Oh and we have a free Mother Hen template for the kids to decorate with paint or crayons or markers too!

Wonderful decor OR table centre piece with real eggs! A fabulous Easter Craft for Preschoolers indeed!!

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: Chicken Egg Cups - a simple upcycled craft idea

Ah but the Egg Carton Chicks are here now: Probably one of the most popular Easter Chicken Crafts here on Red Ted Art – the egg carton chicken. Love this little guy so much.. and perfect for any Easter breakfast.

Turn Toilet Paper Rolls into fabulous Chick Gift Boxes! How cute are these? And they are no mess and only take minutes to make!!

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: easter chick craft
Egg animals from Red Ted Art

Another one of my FAVOURITE Easter Chick Makes from over the years: these tissue paper chicks. I love how easy, fun and colourful they are and how young children can manage to make these tissue paper chicks too. We went and made them in Red Ted’s preschool class too and they ADORED them. Some people like to make these with craft eggs or wooden eggs – but really, using a hollow egg is the best – so fun and thrifty!

Doorstop Chicken Pattern

As mentioned above, the great pyramid chicken sewing pattern, also makes for a fantastic doorstop! This is one is made form an old pair if jeans. Wonderful upcycling!

Super cute paper chicks to craft at home or in the classroom

Adorable Chick and Chicken Corner Bookmark Design! These are fabulous paper chicks to make with kids! I love the little baby chick craft too! Mother hen and baby chicks.. just too cute!

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: Easter Craft Basket - Tissue Paper Mache

Or how about taking some Easter crafts inspiration from these adorable Easter Basket hens (and bunnies)? Make a yellow version for some baby chicks. Simply ADORABLE!! Love that they are made from recycled tissue paper, so you don’t even need get out the paints. We made these using craft glue, but I reckon you could up the ante on the eco friendly and use homemade paper mache paste too!

Chick Easter Basket - a super easy DIY for kids. Make your own easy paste from store cupboard items and upcycle old tissue paper

We also made some cute chick easter baskets (similar to the hens above). I love how cheerful the yellow is!

Tangram Origami Chicken

Learn how to make tangram shames and turn these tangrams into cute origami tangram chickens!

Gorgeous and easy paper chick craft – this is a super popular and easy craft for kids to decorate a spring tree or Easter tree. Grab some colored paper in “chick” colors.. add some orange paper for beaks and off you go..

Adorable and quick to make 5 minute Craft – Craft Stick Chicks! This was a fun upcycle of our popsicle sticks saved and washed from the summer!

These are super simple Origami Envelope Chicks!!!  Write a letter, fold your envelope, decorate and post!! Job done. And OH SO CUTE! All you need is some yellow paper for the main craft and then some orange and pink paper off cuts to add the finishing touches.

Quirky paper chicken origami I feel I need to make a little orange one next to complete the range!

Adorable Paper Plate Chick Crafts:

Paper Plate Nests - Preschooler Crafts

A simple and almost classic Paper Plate Spring Craft for Preschoolers: make paper plate chick in nests! We loved the contrast of materials in this craft, making it a cute chick craft, but also super tactile!

Most adorable Paper Plate Chick Sewing Craft – how darling are these?! This is SUCH an easy Easter craft for kids of all ages and looks fantastic too!

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: Paper Plate Bunny Purse & Chick Purse - cute easy Easter craft vs2

We do love a paper plate craft and the kids will adore these easy peasy paper plate chick purses (or make the paper plate bunny bag! Lovely).

Cute chick cards to make for Easter

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: toddler easter cards

Adorable fingerprint chick cards – these make wonderful little keepsakes for granny and grandpa. See below for some fingerprint chick “extension ideas”.

Easy Chick Card for Toddlers

We made these super duper easy  and cute Pop Up Chick Card for Toddlers almost 6yrs ago (wow!). They were so cute and simple t make and I think, we need to have another go at them this year!

3d Easter Card Making Ideas

This was super quick and last minute make we did last Easter. Aren’t these “bauble” chick Pop Up Cards simply ADORABLE?! Love.

Chick themed treats for the Easter basket or Easter table

These would work well for a school cake sale too! Especially the ridiculously cute cupcakes! Mmmmh.

Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids: Easy Chicken Cupcakes - perfect for a Farm Themed Party. These are seriously adorable and are super tasty (oh and nice and easy to make!)

A fun fun fun “guest post” are these fabulous chocolate button hens. They were SO FUN to make and even more fun to eat. The kids will ADORE having a go at these and make a nice change from the traditional “rice crispy treats”!!

Easter Treat - Chick Lollipops

A bit of lollipop fun. These make for cute treats for Easter to give to your kids friends.

easter icing

A great post sharing a fabulous Royal Icing Recipe and how to!

And as a little extra, here are some Chicken and Chick Crafts from sites we love:


Can you believe that this stunning Easter egg basket is made from EGG CARTONS? Simply BEAUTIFUL and so inspirational.


At the other end of the scale, we have these adorable and OH SO SIMPLE Chick Treat Pots! Genius.

adorable chicks

Water colour chicks… but I reckon you could do a thumbprint version of these too?

adorable DIY chick how to

Similarly I HAD to share these cute little chick drawings too! Aren’t they darling?


And I have always loved this fun and quirky little Chick Egg hatching idea!


Adorable Easter Hugs Printables

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Enjoy your Easter Chick Craft making and come back soon!