20+ Cute Bunny Crafts for Kids

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Cute Bunny Crafts for Kids! Our house is a BUNNY LOVING house. Both our kids comforters are bunnies…. and we have been mad about anything with floppy ears since. Of course bunnies and rabbits all make for great spring crafts and Easter crafts, but to be honest we love bunnies ALL YEAR around.

So much so, that I realised we had a NUMBER of bunny crafts here on Red Ted Art already and I thought it was about time to put all these cute little crafts in one place and share them with you (I have done the same for our Easter Basket DIYs  and Chick Crafts!). I would love to hear all about your favourite bunny crafts makes – please do share them with us on Instagram (using the #redtedart hashtag or tagging @redtedart) or on Facebook!!!

So.. on to our love of bunnies and rabbits and time to share some rabbit crafts.

Bunny Crafts Ideas

If you love watching VIDEO tutorials – there as a cute Bunny DIY video compilation to watch towards the end of the page!!

These two little bunnies are probably one of my favourite. I made them from a soft pair of old cords of mine for the kids, when I went away for a long weekend. They are based on a rag doll pattern and I recreated a this free bunny pattern for you! A perfect little bunny craft idea for you!

Or if you fancy a “No sew” activity that is just as cute, how about this adorable easy No Sew Sock Bunny?

This was just one of those “doodle crafts”, I was sitting planning some new crafts and craft videos and out popped this Pipecleaner Bunny Craft. Adorable. The kids loved this rabbit diy too!

Another nice and easy craft are these ever so popular Bunny Bookmarks – they are a simple origami corner bookmark design, that is hugely popular among my readers – adapted to make these adorable little bunnies. Love that the ears go on the INSIDE of the book, so they don’t get bent and damaged when peeping out.. More Easter Corner Bookmarks, where this came from!!

Learn how to make a moving Paper Rabbit Puppet – a simple STEAM activity for Easter!

Super fun and simple Peeps Bunny Decorations for the Easter Tree!

More fun with paper (or light card stock) and you can make these darling Easter Bunny Bookmarks – aren’t they just SO CUTE! A move away from our “usual” Corner Bookmarks, but an irresistible make none the less!

Similarly we have some super simple Easy Paper Bunnies!

A take on our Egg Carton Chickens, I wanted to see if I could create some simple Egg Carton Bunnies. And here we are.. rabbit a go go. What I love about these bunnies, is that they don’t require painting, so they are quick and easy to make as an Easter bunny craft too.

Cutest T-Shirt Yarn Bunnies – love how thrifty these are to make and how super cute they look!

A gorgeous guest post from many moons ago – knit your own MINI RABBIT Knitting Pattern. Sharing a free bunny knitting pattern, these bunnies are quick and easy to whip up. I made a set for Pip Squeak’s Dolls’ House!

Learn how to fold these easy peasy Bunny Napkins. Great for keeping kids entertained at the restaurant or for a pretty table decoration at the Easter Breakfast table!

Ah yes, this may be simple, but it is darling. I first made a Wooden Spoon Bunny years ago for an Easter crafts guest post on the Guardian educational website… Pip Squeak saw the photo and recreated her own preschooler approved bunny – using paper, scissors and tape! No help from Mummy needed. What a clever girl. Certainly great as an Easter Bunny Craft!

Here is a darling Bunny Craft for Preschoolers and toddlers – make your very own Rocking Paper Plate Bunny Rabbits! Just too cute! I love how young kids can make it, right through to around 7 and 8yrs olds will still delight in this oh so simple craft. With the use of pens (instead of paint), this is a nice “low mess” craft for preschoolers too!

HOW adorable is the Felt Softie Bunny?!! We have been wanting to make on these felt friends for a LONG time and I am super pleased to say that Pip Squeak (aged 6) enjoyed helping to sew this! Well done.

Similarly here are some super cute little Bunny Brooches – they are easy to make and a great beginner’s sewing project!

Here is an easy rabbit craft for kids – have a go at this easy origami bunny! Even younger children can manage this on their own and it is a GREAT introduction to origami for kids. Love them. So cute. They would look adorable on some Easter cards, or are simply fun as an Easter craft to play with!

We also have this Paper Bunny Origami version. Also easy and great for beginners!

Similarly check out these gorgeous little Egg Carton Bunnies. Aren’t they the cutest?

I love these Toilet Roll Bunny Gift Boxes, because again, these are so quick and easy to make – yes of course you could paint the TP roll first and let it dry. But this is simple 5 minute craft version and great for making on a play date or an Easter party!

We have also had GREAT fun with Finger Knitting.. if you and your kids LOVE Finger Knitting, this is the cutest little Finger knitted bunny rabbit for you (no sew too!).

Adorable and super easy Paper Bunny Ornaments.

Here we were experimenting with different Pom Pom Making techniques. These easy pom pom bunnies where made using a rectangular piece of cards, which meant it was easy for the kids to wrap around. This was pre our pom pom maker days, and I have to confess, I adore our pom pom makers.

Easy Fondant Bunnies – these would look soooo cute on a cupcake, but also work really well as simple Easter treats!

Super simple bunny masks that kids can make – simply using washi tape and sello tape. Fun and easy. Again great for a party environment or in the classroom.

A simple sewing project for kids – sew your own felt Bunny egg warms!

If you are looking for Rabbit Craft Ideas that are also suitable for very young children, take a look at these Paper Plate Bunny and Chick Craft! Aren’t they adorable?!

This is another guest post from a long long time ago – it is a funny bunny sock pet and the best thing? It is NO SEW, so younger kids can help make it easily and quickly. So sweet.

Watch 5 of our favouirte Bunny Crafts on video:

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Do have fun with these cute little Bunny Crafts and hope to see you here on Red Ted Art again soon! Don’t forget to share your makes on Instagram (using the #redtedart hashtag or tagging @redtedart) or on Facebook!!