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Handprint Alphabet – B is for Bee (and “Biene”)

| April 21, 2012 | 17 Comments

Well.. we are back with our Handpring Alphabet – we got crafty and had a go at a “B” letter.. there is the classic Butterfly (to which Red Ted shouted “No”), there are Boats (tempted to use that as S for Ship), Books and all sorts.. but when I suggested “Bee”, Red Ted said “yes Mummy, let’s do a B, it goes like this” – showing me a butterfly. I told him that that was a butterfly, would he like to do that instead? No.

What I really like about our Bees, is that I had a very differetn bee in mind  – you know – one seen from the side, with the wings on the top and only one eye visible… well, the children wanted both eyes and a nose! And Red Ted said – you need a wing on both sides! Pip Squeak said “no wings, Mummy, it isn’t a BIRD!”. I actually think her bees are little men and should be viewed perpendicular!!!!

Here we go:

handprint crafts bee

The wings are made from some tulle, left over from our no sew tutus.

handprint crafts

handprint bees

Red Ted *really* wanted noses, as Pip Squeak’s Handprint Aliens had special noses and Red Ted’s didn’t!

handpring bees

Red Ted’s second bee picture. The green on the left is a beehive and the green on the right are fingerprint flowers!

handprint art

Pip Squeak’s handprint bee.. yep.. that bead is a nose! Which makes me think we should turn the picture by 90 degrees.

handprint alphabet b

More green flowers.

And then the kids got to do some “free painting”:

handprint alphabet b

Red Ted’s is very precise… and the yellow and black are finger prints.

handprint art

Pip Squeak got some Left Brain/ Right Brain creative cross over going!
toddler art

handprint art

Gorgeous isn’t it? And always a great way to end a painting session.

Right.. so our next Handprint Alphabet letter will be C… what shall we do this time?!

Check out A is for Alien.

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  1. I love the handprint B! Super cute!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Thanks Deborah – I genuinely think it was Red Ted’s decisions of where to put the wings and nose etc, that make them so cute!!!

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    They are Bee-rill. Very good. I think the noses give them such charater.

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    I agree! Red Ted did well adding his noses!!

  4. Aw wow I love this idea, definitely going to have to give this one a try with the tiddlers, they will love it!

  5. I love the handprint alphabet idea!

  6. Deebi27 says:

    What a fabulous book idea for next year, as my new class learns their letters. You have prompted me to start a new pin board on Pinterest. I hope you get lots of repins for this awesome idea!

  7. I LOVE this Maggy. I’m going to have a go with the girls tomorrow. xx

  8. Crystal & Co says:

    Those are precious (and so easy)!

  9. OneMommy says:

    Looks like fun!
    Mine love bugs… I wonder if I can get the toddler to let me paint his hand to try this….

  10. Wonderful! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

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