Seahorse Father’s Day Card Printable

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The 31 Days of Dad series continues today with an adorable free printable Seahorse Father’s Day Card Printable by Box of Ideas. I LOVE the theme of Seahorses for Father’s Day – as the “primary carer” in the Seahorse world, it such a great theme.

A prefect addition to the rest our Father’s Day Cards and Printable Father’s Day activities!

Seahorse Father’s Day Card Idea for Kids

Hello! I am Rodrigo Macias, the Early Childhood Educator behind Box of Ideas, a website full of fresh activities and inspiration for outstanding early childhood education.

I am happy to be back again on Red Ted Art now featuring a craft idea for Father’s Day that kids can make.

I prepared a free template for your children so they can practice their scissors skills following the dotted line of two simple rectangle shapes to make a revealing message card for dad.

This card project also uses finger painting (more like finger stamping) that also helps them to stimulate their fine motor skills.

If your preschool kiddos are starting to write or can write already, this project also helps them with the literacy aspect of the curriculum since they get to write a short message and sign their own name in the card.

The youngest ones that can’t write yet still get to leave their personal mark on the card since the bubbles around the seahorses will show the young creator’s fingerprints.

The free template comes with two pairs of father and child seahorses for added flexibility:

  • In groups this will save paper as one template alone can make two cards
  • Make a card that features more than one Dad for LGBT families that have two dads.
  • Make a card with two children-seahorses for siblings that want to make one card together for their Dad (I’m looking at you, friends with twins!)

What you need for your Seahorse Card Printable

  • A copy of the free printable by Box of Ideas (grab the freebie here by entering $0 at check out).
  • A 4 Paper (preferably card)
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pencils or markers
  • Glue stick
  • Paint

Enter $0 at check out for this freebie Seahorse printable!

How to make a DIY Father’s Day Card with a Revealing Message

  1. Print out the free template.
  2. Colour in your Seahorses.
  3. Cut out the seahorses following the dotted rectangle (to make it simple).
  4. Fold your A4 as shown in the photo below.
  1. Stick the Daddy seahorse to one side of the card, and the baby seahorse to the opposite side.
  1. Above the baby seahorse, write “Dad”, “Daddy”, “Papa” or whatever word you use to call your father figure 🙂
  1. Open the card and write a short message like “I love you” in the center of the card. Don’t forget to sign it with your name.

The idea here is that the message reads well with the word “Dad” at the end of whatever you write, so the card makes sense when it is open as much as when it is closed.

8. Now dip your finger on paint and stamp it around the card to make it bubbly!

I prefer using the pinky finger for some reason but each child can choose what finger -or fingers- they want to use.

Leave the paint to dry and then gift the card to your Papi. Maybe he will like it so much that he will place the card on his bedside table or somewhere at work, because yes, your card will be able to stand on its own.

Please do send pics if you make this with your children or students.

If you enjoyed this idea for Father’s Day, don’t forget to pop onto the blog Box of ideas and follow it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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