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Kids Get Arty: Andy Goldsworthy

| November 14, 2012 | 25 Comments

Kids Get Arty BadgeWelcome back to Kids Get Arty – our bi-monthly challenge, where we pick and artist, discuss his work and then have a go at something inspired by that artist. This is the 4th challenge. And this time we decided to take a look at British artist, Andy Goldsworthy. Mainly because it is Autumn and I really wanted to make use of the oh so pretty Autumn colours of our leaves. There is an AMAZING read leafed tree at Red Ted’s school and there is a lovely little yellow leaf tree on our road.


The next Kids Get Arty challenge will be on 16th January 2012.

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Exploring Art: Andy Goldsworthy

Back to Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy is a key artists in the “Land Art” movement – creating temporary art by working with nature. Many of his creations are made solely by using his bare hands, teeth and any “natural” tools that he happens to find. His art is often temporary, so photography plays a key role in his artwork – capturing the art, before it decays, falls apart or floats away.
We have a beautiful book called “Natural, Simple Land Art through The Seasons”, by Marc Pouyet. It features art by Robert Smithson, Nils Udo and Andy Goldsworthy. Sadly, I couldn’t work out which images belong to which artists. But the book is beautiful and if you like land art I highly recommend it. We had a lovely browse through the book. Red Ted really enjoyed the artwork created with stones, whilst Pip Squeak loved the flowers and I loved the leaves. We then googled some images on Andy Goldsworthy:
This one was Red Ted’s favourite:

Broken Stones“, scratched with another pebble.

Red Ted said “Yes yes, Mummy, let’s make this one”. “I love the stones Mummy”. “How did he do that”. We didn’t have enough stones and certainly no broken ones.. we ahem, had a bunch of leaves. So I steered him towards this:

Gold Rowan Leaves.
I asked Red Ted what he thought it was made of and how Andy Goldsworth did it. I asked him whether he liked it (yes), how it made him feel and why he thought there was a “hole in the middle”.

Striding Arches
Red Ted was also fascinated by Goldsworthy’s arches – “Mummy, how did you DO that?” – I tried to explain the science behind it. And think I failed. I think we will have to do a little project on tension at some point (or maybe I can get Science Sparks to do it?!).
We then had a look at the shortened “River’s and Tides” film. It was wonderful as it really showed the transient nature of Goldsworthy’s art and how fragile it. Take a look:

Red Ted loved the stick structure falling apart. Well, I don’t know about love, but it was fascinating. He also loved the creation of ice structures and should we have a cold winter, it is another thing that I would like to look at with him.

Our Kid’s Land Art

Then we grabbed our leaves and headed to our neighbour’s house (she has a nicer patio). And got creating. We cheated a little. I made some papier mache paste, to help stick the leaves down a little, as I knew with 3 children jumping about and a light wind, we may not get very far. We needed to slow the decaying and destruction process down.

I showed the children all the leaves. And asked them which colour we should start with.

They picked Red.

As per Andy Goldsworthy, I put down a circle of paste and the children started adding the red leaves.

Red Ted then wanted to add a yellow layer on the inside.

So we did.

Our neighbour’s boy found some purpley leaves in his garden and brought them over. We added them to the outside.

After MUCH debating.. we  then all agreed on adding some green leaves in the middle (I wanted to keep it free, but Red Ted wanted to fill it up, so we did).

And done.

The kids LOVED it. My neighbour LOVED it. Her husband LOVED it. It was just so pretty!

Art for kidsSo.. now it is your chance! We woould love to see what Great Artists you have been exploring with your kids and how you approached your arty projects! Come link up. Kids Get Arty is co-hosted by The Imagination Tree, Imagination Soup,  Creative with Kids Tinkerlab and Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.



Disclaimer: by joining the Kids Get Arty linky – you give us permission to highlight any projects on Red Ted Art or share your craft ideas on Pintrest – we will always link to your site! If you have been aty with your kid’s please link up!

I hope you enjoy this week’s Kids Get Arty and that you are inspired to go off and Explore another Great Artists yourself Which one will it be?

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  1. Miss Courtney says:

    Oops, I missed the part about linking a post about a specific artist. How embarrassing?! I came back to delete it, but looks like you’ve taken care of it. I’m more of an illustrator fangirl, rather than artist, as I’m a children’s librarian. I love the idea of using art with children, though.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Hello! I hope that was ok! Only because you can’t delete and we started to focus on the right so of entries. I do love seeing your creativity! Do come back and link in the normal Kids Crafts – back next week???

  2. What a fantastic natural art work. I love the colours as well. Autumn is such a fantastic time for colours and Andy Goldsworthy leads to it so well

  3. Marina says:

    So pretty! In Denmark almost all the leaves are gone now…

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Cerys – we did enjoy finding all those colours (ahem, ok, maybe I (!) enjoyed it)

    Marina – yes, I think we are now starting to get into the “no leaf” season here too.. The floor is covered in yellow and red leaves, but they are getting muddy!

  5. I love your leaf art, and the arch is very clever, definitely something I will look into. xx

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    Emma – good point, the arch would be perfect for Science Sparks! In fact a lot of Goldsworthy would be great for science sparks!!

    Thank you JDaniel4’s Mum!

  7. Becky says:

    I am so jealous you have such beautiful leaves!!! I miss my hometown (Chicago) now that we are in Houston, where the leaves don’t change and fall!

  8. Katie says:

    I love that first picture too!

  9. Andy Goldsworthy is an absolute favourite – love this make so much! Thanks for sharing, Maggy :-)

  10. Rachel says:

    I just LOVE this! I know my daughter would think this would be so much fun. I can’t wait to share it with her. Thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for linking at For the Kids Fridays!

  11. Isil says:

    Beautiful,my daughter loves land art,too.

  12. Pinkoddy says:

    Oh how very talented.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Oh that’s beautiful. I Love Andy Goldsworthy. Beautiful! I didn’t manage to li up in the end. Not enough time for blogging now hubby has finished his exams.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

  14. Red Ted Art says:

    So glad you like it Rebecca! Yes, time is always the problem! Hopefully you can join in next time!! :-)

  15. This is so beautiful! I would have never thought that paste was used but it makes sense.

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