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Nature Crafts for Autumn

| September 23, 2013 | 9 Comments

Nature Crafts for Fall

Autumn is a BEAUTIFUL time of year for crafting with nature. There are so many Nature Crafts out there to be inspired by and it is a wonderful time of year to get the kids involved in collecting and making. Using nature to craft with is wonderful on so many ways – the kids get to connect with nature, items found in nature come in so many different textures, shapes and sizes and nature items are **free**. What a bonus. So what is there NOT to like about crafting with nature this Autumn? There are acorns, chestnuts, poppy seed husks, leaves, bark, sticks and pine cones. So much to choose from. What will YOU find in your local park or back garden?

Nature Crafts for Fall


Nature Crafts additional info and links:

1) Acorn animals and people

2) Acorn bracelet

3) Acorn tea set

4) Nature finds angel

5) Physalis fairy lights

6) Leaf hammering

7) Pine Cone Pets

8) Stick flower sculpture

9) Wool sticks & Wool Nature catcher by Zing Zing Tree (watch the video for info)

10) Nature wreath

11) Nature stick fairies by Domestic Goddesque (watch the video for info)

12) Pine cone garland

13) Leaf tea light jars by Me and My Shadow (watch the video)

14) Beech Nut hedgehog by Me and My Shadow (watch the video)

15) Birch Tree Bark tea light

16) Pine cone fairies (dies Herbst Bastel Ideen gibt es nun auch auf Deutsch)

17) Autumn Mobil

18) Autumn Fairy House

19) Chestnut Pencil Toppers (Gumnut Pencil Topper)

20) Not on video: Leaf Crown

21) And here is an extra one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE from the talented Mammasaurus – a dream catcher made whilst out in the woods.

22) And these Bush Critters are 100% ADORABLE!!

Want more Nature Crafts for Fall???? Check out our Stick Craft Ideas and our Pine Cone Craft ideas! Or see previous Autumn Crafts here on Red Ted Art!

Pine Cone Craft Ideas - nature crafting at it's best 10 Stick Crafts - finally get crafty with all those sticks brought back from walks autumn-blog-hop

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  1. Mammasaurus says:

    Ah thanks for mentioning my dreamcatcher!

    This roundup is just what I need at the moment – I have acorns and pinecones coming out of my ears here!

  2. Wjhat an amazing round up Maggy :-) I LOVE autumn. xx

  3. Fran says:

    The pine/cedar ‘roses’ are beautiful; my mother used to put them on stems and use them in her Christmas arrangements. The edges are perfect for glitter :)

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