Autumn Crafts for Kids


We love Autumn! All those beautiful autumn colours and fall leaves – reds, yellows and oranges. The wonderful fall nature finds – such as acorns, conkers and fallen leaves and the woodland creatures that are so iconic for autumn. All these different themes lend themselves for wonderful Autumn Crafts for Kids! Oh how we love Easy Kids Crafts all year round.

Autumn Crafts for Kids - the best collection of easy and fun Fall DIYs for kids. From nature crafts, to leaf crafts, to garlands and woodland creatures. Plenty to keep you busy in the classroom and at home!

I personally, have wonderful childhood memories of going off and finding acorns and conkers and then coming home and making nature creatures out of them. It is such a pleasant memory of mine and I think all children should experience this type of fall crafts for kids!!!

We have a special collection of fall crafts for toddlers and preschoolers for you to check out too! Today’s collection is targetted at roughly 5yrs+, though many of these crafts could be made collaboratively with younger children too.

This post focusses on “fall crafts” or “autumn crafts” in a more generic way. We have a fantastic set of separate Thanksgiving ideas, Turkey crafts and of course Halloween Crafts for Kids!

Fall Crafts for Kids

So. Without further ado, here are our favourite autumn crafts for kids – please note, I have tried to group them “sensibly for you”. I also picked out all the most appropriate Autumn Crafts for Preschoolers again, as I know this is a special group to craft with! The end of this articles also has links to further collections of kids autumn crafts, that include not just Red Ted Art’s ideas but additional outside crafts too! ENJOY!

Apple Crafts for kids


More Apple DIYs (includes non Red Ted Art ideas)

20 Wonderful Apple Crafts

Scarecrow Crafts for Kids

Fall is of course also about harvest festivals, corn crafts and SCARE CROWS! We love scarecrows, they are so cute and fun and don’t need to be scary at all. Our top ideas include:

See our full collection of Scarecrow Crafts for Kids here (including an adorable paper plate scarecrow, you simply have to pop over and see):

Collage of easy scarecrow crafts for kids

Pinecone Crafts for kids

For me fall and autumn are about NATURE!! And there are several nature items you can work with this time of year. So go on your nature walk and see what you can find. This section is dedicated to the wonderful pinecone!

  • Take some pine cones, some felt, an old pair of tights and turn them into these adorable and colourful Pinecone Fairies
  • This Autumn Mobile is a great way to celebrate the seasons, as well as your “local environment”. We all live in different areas with different local fauna. Celebrate your finds by turning them into these lovely decorations.
  • A simple little gift idea, is to turn old pine cones and old candles into easy to make Pinecone firelighters
  • If you have small pine cones, save them for these Pinecone babies – they make great little ornaments for the Christmas tree
  • We also love making Pinecone Owls they look great as both Autumn decorations, but also on the Christmas Tree. The googly eyes always make these owls extra fun!
  • Younger kids may enjoy this Pinecone Snowy Owl version. I love the contrast in textures when working with pine cones and cotton wool
  • This Pine Cone Tree Ornament is equally fun from a textures point of view. Work with pom poms and pine cones to make this colourful decoration.
  • It is also surprisingly easy to turn pine cones, peanut butter (no salt variety) and seeds into fun Pine Cone Bird Feeders
  • Rainbow pinecone mouse family for those mini pine cones again, though can use large pine cones too!
  • Wonderful Pinecone Hedgehogs using your nature finds and some homemade salt dough.

More Pinecone DIYs (include non Red Ted Art ideas):

Conker Crafts for kids

We adore conkers – or buckeyes as they are known in some parts of the world. Conkers are simply so lovely, shiny and tactile, and even as a grown up, I can’t resistthem. They are fantastic counting tools for preschoolers and kindergarten kids, but again, kids of all ages will love to work with these!

  • One of our favourite conker crafts of all times are these counting Chestnut Snake – make them using 10 conkers and you have a great way to practice your number bonds. Alternatively, they are just super tactile and wonderful to fiddle and play with.
  • We also love these Chestnut Spider the contrast betwene the pipe cleaners and the smooth conker shell is just lovely!
  • We had fun creating this cute conker Horse a while back
  • Playdouh chestnut creatures are probably the easiest way to work with conkers – no glue, no holes to make, just lots of colourful fun.
  • These Chestnut Pencil Toppers are surprisingly effective and last really well.
  • How to Play Conkers Game  – no conker’s round up would be complete without a game of conkers!!
  • Chestnuts – Spider Webs -turn your classic God’s Eye, into an Autumn Weaving project
  • Chestnut Streamer Toy – a fun make to play with at the park
  • Conker Faces combine conkers, conker shells and wool to make these fun critters!

More Conker Crafts (includes non Red Ted Art DIYs)

This is one of my most precious childhood memories - crafting with conkers (also known as horse chestnuts or buckeye crafts) - I love the smooth texture and the fun chestnut crafts you can make. Here re 15 lovely ideas for Fall

Leaf Crafts for Kids

Fall leaf crafts are a must for this time of year. After all autumn and fall are all about the reds, oranges and yellows that we get to see this time of year.

  • Leaf Lanterns – these are super lovely for kids of all ages, we made them when my kids where toddlers, but I think they are so pretty that older kids will love them too!
  • Simple Leaf Decoration – these simple lanterns just need leaves, mason jars and twine! Maybe a little tissue paper and DONE!
  • Leaf Collages
  • Leaf Faces
  • Woodland People/ Leaf People – grab some construction paper, your nature finds and see what you can create!
  • Leaf bowls
  • Leaf rubbings – easy fall crafts that should be part of any childhood. Watch those leaves emerge as you rub the crayon over the page. The resulting crayon reliefs, can be used for garlands, paper leaf crowns or collages.
  • Leaf Crown – these are particularly fun as “Only leaves” are needed – no string, glue, tape or staples. A great one for the fine motor skills of older kids for sure!
  • Newspaper Leaf Garland

Check out these beautiful Oak Leaf inspired Watercolour Leaf Bookmarks (incl. free printable)

More Leaf Crafts (include non Red Ted Art DIYs) – including a stunning fall leaf wreath!

20 Wonderful Leaf Crafts for Autumn - so many beautiful ideas here. Perfect for celebrating autumn or incorporating into your Thanksgiving decor and activities

Other Nature Crafts for kids

Go on a nature walk and see what you can find! It is key that you only collect items found on the ground and not pick any items. Also – when it comes to acorns and conkers, don’t collect ALL but leave some for the animals to find and collect for winter!


I hope you have been inspired by todays Fun Fall Craft Ideas and that you have found some cute and easy fall crafts to have a go at.

We have more lovely fall craft themes for you to explore, for example more Nature Crafts for Fall

Nature Crafts for Fall

Or how about some wonderful Owl Crafts for kids?


More Owl Crafts (includes non Red Ted Art DIYs)

15 Owl Crafts - What a Hoot

Other Autumn Crafts for Kids/ Fall Trees

Gorgeous Fall Art Projects – we love Tree Craft DIY ideas! A fun way to celebrate Fall!

Four Seasons Activities

We love exploring fall trees and the four seasons. Always a fantastic autumn themed craft to have a go!

More lovely Autumn inspired crafts:

Woodland Creatures


Autumn Colouring Pages


More Fall Coloring Pages (includes non Red Ted Art ideas)

free adult coloring pages for fall

If you want to see the above list with the most appropriate Autumn Crafts for Preschoolers take a look here:


We also have a GREAT set of easy fall garland diy ideas for you to browse here:

Autumn Crafts for Kids - we adore the Autumn DIY season - so many great themes and topics to explore for Fall Art Projects to Nature DIYs, you will find something for everyone!! Awesome. I want to them all now, NOW!

I hope this comprehensive Autumn Crafts for Kids list keeps you and the kids busy!