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Paper Teacup Printable & Tea Party Games

| May 6, 2014 | 199 Comments

So… we have just had a WONDERFUL few days behind us – we had a very special Family Wedding – an Alice in Wonderland Wedding!!! Though I can’t share pictures of the gorgeous bride and groom, I can share with you some of the fun little Alice in Wonderland crafts and decorations from the day. It was wonderfully magical and very fun for all involved. Today, I would like to share these little paper teacups. I thought they were simply adorable and popped the paper teacup photo on instagram and facebook… and had a number of “pattern please” requests. I asked the wonderful Wedding Planner (do check out her site and blog!) and she was fine with me taking one of the cups apart and recreating the pattern for you! I have to confess to having slightly simplified the teacup printable for you – making it easier and quicker to cut out, but you can easily add the dreamy little flower pattern back again. The great thing about these teacups, is that you can either create them plain, from pretty light cardstock or decorate them to your hearts content. I can see many a drawing and creating session coming on in our house. Though polka dot stickers to decorate these paper teacups were hugely popular too.



Paper Teacup Printable

I have shared a simple printable and super quick Teacup How To!

Paper Teacup Materials:

  • Light card stock in desired colours
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue or hotglue gun
  • Decorative stickers or pens (optional)
  • Teacup Printable

Free Printable Teacup pattern

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Make sure your printer “takes” light cardstock for printing on. Alternative cut a template from paper and use it as a stencil.

Paper Teacup How To:


1) Print your teacup pattern out.

2) Cut your pieces. For the saucer – you will need to make an incision and cut out the centre circle too. I have made the saucer a plain circle. The paper teacups from the wedding, had a pretty flowery edge pattern. You can simply cut into the exciting pattern if you want this effect. But we warned! It takes aaaaages to cut!!!

3) For the base of your teacup (the smaller circle), cut slits from the outside all the way to the very light colour circle. This will help keep the saucer’s shape.

4) A hotglue gun is IDEAL for the assembly of this craft. If you do not have one, I suggest good PVA glue. I would start with sticking the cup together and holding it in place with some clothes pegs.

5) Whilst the teacup itself is drying, assemble the two saucer pieces.

6) Once all is dry glue the cup to the saucer and and add the handle. As mentioned with a hotglue gun you can do all these steps in one quick go. If using PVA, it is advisable to let things dry between steps.

7) Decorate and play!!!

Paper Teacup Craft Printable

Paper Teacup Party Games:

The kids and I came up with some simple and fun tea party games!

1) Start off with a tea cup treasure hunt.. hide them all over the garden or house and get the kids to find them all.

Tea Party Games for Kids

2) Then, instead of the egg and spoon race, have a stacked teacup race (this will not work in windy weather!!!)

Tea Party Games - Stack the cup

3) Have a “stack the teacup” competition – how many teacups can you stack before they tumble?

DIY Tea Party - Paper Teacup Printable (2)

4) Of course… have a pretend tea party itself!

What Paper Teacup party cames can you come up with???

Paper Teacups & Saucers

Later Pip Squeak had fun stacking the cups in lots of different ways – an opportunity to sneak in a little maths play too!!

Paper Teacups Craft

They would also be great for some colour sorting games – have you got multi colour pom poms or plastic chips? Use those to sort away!

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  1. They are so adorable! And if Alice in wonderland is the theme, you can also print out these free masks and hats for the ones playing the mad hatter of course 😉

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  8. Rebecca says:

    Just signed up for you r newsletter. I’m excited to try make these cute teacups with my daughters. Eagerly awaiting the password.

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