3d Insect Coloring Pages – Creepy Crawlies

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You may have seen our wonderful set of 3d Insect Paper Crafts Part 1 – which contained the more “cuties” creatures of the insect world – Bee, Butterfly, Ladybug, Firefly and Dragonfly. Now wed have a set of 3d Insect Coloring Pages PART 2 – the 3d Creepy Crawly Paper Crafts! Though to be fair, I think they are JUST as adorable as part 1. This set contains the spider, fly, ant, praying mantis and a mosquito!

5 insect coloring pages 3d

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I think these 3d Insect Paper Crafts are perfect for toddlers nad preschoolers practicing their coloring skills as well as scissor handling skills. Though KS1 and young elementary school children will also enjoy making them! I particularly love the 3d Paper Spider for Halloween.. and I never thought I would say that the Fly Craft is adorable too. Who knew flies could look so cute.

So, if you have a kiddo that LOVES creepy crawlies, why not give today’s collection of 3d Bug Paper Crafts a go.

Don’t forget these are part 2 of the fabulous 3d Paper Bug Printables as well as an amazing Farmyard Coloring Page Set. Here is the first set of cuties:

Let’s take a look at the individual 3d Bug Coloring Pages

3d Spider Coloring Page

First up, we have this wonderful 3d Spider Paper Craft. For this one, I think using watercolors is a fun way, to color the spider web quickly and easily. You can have a go at shading too – we coloured ours in one go and then went over the spider web separately!

ant coloring page

Super strong 3d Ant Coloring Page

Her is a fun 3d Ant Paper Craft – a great summer theme if you are thinking of camping and picnics. Don’t those cheeky little ants always come to find any leftover food! Right?!

praying mantis coloring page 3d

3d Praying Mantis Coloring Page

The praying mantis is a rather cool creature and deserves to be added to our collection of 3d Insect Coloring Pages!

3d mosquito craft preschool

3d Mosquito Insect Craft for Preschool

Did you know that mosquitos are also pollinators? Yes! They aren’t just a pesky little creepy crawly that bites us in the night, but have an important role to fulfil!

3d fly coloring page

3d Fly Coloring Page – Who knew flies could be so cute!

Finally the 3d Fly Paper Craft! Love that both flies in this coloring page have alittle 3d wing. And those little fly trunks?! Adorable!

Materials needed to make your 3d Creepy Crawlies Paper Crafts

the full set of creepy crawly coloring in 3d
  • Per creepy crawly coloring page – one piece of white printer paper
  • Pens, markers, pencils, watercolours (your choice! We used watercolours for the background and marker pens fo the 3d insect themselves)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Your (currently free) Printable 3d Insect Coloring Pages (hosted on gumroad for ease.. please enter $0 at check out)

The printables are hosted on gumroad for ease.. please enter $0 at check out. Though you are welcome to add a tip if you wish!

full set of printables

How to use your 3d Insect Paper Craft Printables

Each printable has two pages – a completed reference image and the printable itself!

cut out

Spend some time coloring the insect printable in whatever way you wish. As mentioned, we like to combine watercolors and marker pens. But it is really up to you! You can even leave the backgrounds in plain black & white and just colour in the bugs and creepy crawllies.

Carefully cut out your creepy crawly features and the main square background.

side view of spider

Add a little glue (glue sticks are best) to the relevant sections and glue in place. Some will need have the glue added to the back (e.g. the bottom tip of the wing, or the front part of the spider’s body). Check the reference images to help you.


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3d insect coloring pages

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