Amigurumi Crochet Mermaid Doll by Craft Alotl

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Craft Alotl is BACK with another wonderful easy crochet pattern for you! Today, she shares her dress up amigurumi crochet mermaid doll! You can change her outfits from mermaid doll to land doll. So cute! As with all the Craft Alotl patterns here on Red Ted Art, you can either read them on this website or if you want them ad-free/ want to support a young creator, you can purchase them from her Ravelry store! Each time she makes a sale, she makes a little happy dance and is motivated to create more for you. You can also Learn How To Crochet with Craft Alotl!

changing mermaid doll

So this little mermaid crochet pattern is part of the Ellie & Friends series. Once again the patterns mix and match. Be sure to stay consistent with your crochet hook size, as that can impact the final size of your doll. The mermaid is not part of the Ellie & Friends bundle YET! But we will be adding her soon. Those eagle eyed will see that the mermaid doll is wearing Ellie’s dress! Which of course is the whole point of mixing and matching. And the Ravelry price reflects this!

crochet mermaid

This is a lovely doll to make for a little girl or boy who adores mermaids! We HAVE a crochet mermaid pattern here on Red Ted Art already – but they are larger and you can change them into clothes.. but they are just as cute and you may want to take a peak:

I think either mermaid doll makes a lovely gift and it just a question of preference! Both are free crochet patterns for Red Ted Art readers! As mentioned, you can print Craft Alotl’s mermaid crochet pattern via her Raverly Store:

Mermaid Doll by Craft Alotl

Mermaid Doll Pattern designed by @Craft_Alotl. Instagram, Esty Shop, Ravelry

Copyright Craft Alotl 2023. For personal use only. You are not allowed to sell, distribute or publish this pattern in any form.

This pattern uses American terminology and abbreviations throughout

Pattern Key

SC – Single Crochet

MC – Magic Circle (also known as magic ring)

Dec – Decrease

Inc – Increase

TB – treble crochet

HDC – Half double crochet

DC – Double Crochet

FLO – front loop only

CH – Chain

Slip stitch


  • 2mm crochet hook
  • Ricorumi DK , 100% cotton crochet yarn (you can use 3-4mm hooks for this yarn too, you will get a bigger doll).
  • 6 mm safety eyes (larger if using larger hooks), doll stuffing
  • tapestry needle for sewing in loose ends etc

This doll is approx 15.5 cm/ 6 inch tall as our crochet is a little tighter than normal. Your doll will end up a little bigger.

Begin with the mermaid doll’s legs:

01: 6 sc into mc [6]

02: (1 sc, inc) x3 [9]

03-08: 9sc [9]

Stuff lightly

09: (2 sc, dec) x2, sc [7]

10 – 14: 7sc [7]

15: (1sc, inc) x3, sc [10]

Fasten off for leg 1. Make leg 2 but keep the yarn attached.

Make the mermaid amigurumi’s body

16: (join both legs) 20 sc [20]

17: (4sc, inc) x4 [24]

18 – 23: 24 sc [24]

24: (4 sc, dec) x4 [20]

25: 20 sc [20]

26: (3 sc, dec) x4 [16]

27: (2sc, dec) x4 [12]

Finish stuffing the body

Make the doll’s head

28: (1sc, inc) x6 [18]

29: (2 sc, inc) x6 [24]

30: (3sc, inc) x6 [30]

31: (4sc, inc) x6 [36]

32 – 37: 36 sc

Place eyes between row 33 and 34 with a gap of 6 stitches

38: (4sc, dec) x6 [30]

39: (3sc, dec) x6 [24]

40: (2sc, dec) x6 [18]

Begin stuffing the head

41: (sc, dec) x6 [12]

42: 6 dec [6]

Finish stuffing the head

Fasten off and seal up the hole

embroidered eyes

Embroider eyelashes

Sew a line three stitches long from the eye. Sew a diagonal line, one stitch long from the eye.

Crochet Doll’s arms (make two)

basic doll

01: 6 sc into mc [6]

02: (2sc, inc) x2 [8]

03 – 05:  8 sc [8]

06: (2 sc, dec) x2 [6]

07 – 12: 6 sc [6]

Fasten off and leave string tail for sewing.

Sew arms between rows 26 and 27 of body and sew them 6-7 stitches apart.

adding a fringe

Make the doll’s hair

Starting off with the hair cap

01: 6 sc in mc [6]

02: 6 inc [12]

03: (1 sc, inc) x6 [18]

04: (2 sc, inc) x6 [24]

05: (3 sc, inc) x6 [30]

06: (4 sc, inc) x6 [36]

07 – 11: 36 sc [36]

12: attach long hair

You will need to cut a number of strands the same length. If in doubt, make the hair longer and trim it later! Do this by wrapping the yarn around a rectangular shape and cut. Each length needs to be twice the length you want the hair, as you need to hook them through the hair cap:

To attach the yarn to the cap, put the hook through a stitch (as you would for a crochet stitch), fold the yarn in half, and using your hook, pull the yarn through the stitch. Make sure there is a loop, so you can now pull the tail ends through and secure it.

Once you are done, style and trim the hair. Sew cap to head.

crochet mermaid

Mermaid Bikini Top

01: ch 29 [29]

02: skip first stitch, 4 sc, ch 6, skip 6 stitches, 8 sc, ch 6, skip 6 stitches, 4sc [28]

03: 4 sc, 6 sc, 8 sc, 6 sc, 4 sc [28]

Change colour to green.

04 – 05: 28 sc [28]

Fasten off. Keep two long ends of string either side of the top, so that they can be used of fastenings.

Make the mermaid’s tail

01: ch 7 [7]

02: skip first stitch & turn, 6 sc, 6 sc on other side of chain [12]

03: [1 sc, inc]x6 [18]

04 – 07: 18 sc [18]

08: (2 sc, inc) x 6 [24]

09 – 22: 24 sc [24]

23: change colour, FLO (ch 2, slip stitch) x 24

Fasten off.

Mermaid fins

01: 4 sc into mc [4]

02: 4 inc [8]

03: (1 sc, inc) x4 [12]

04: (2 sc, inc) x4 [16]

05 – 06: 16 sc [16]

07: (2 sc, dec) x4 [12]

08: 12 sc [12]

09: 6 dec [6]

Fasten off. Do not seal hole. Leave long tail ends. Sew two fins together and sew fins to finished mermaid tail.

Your lovely mermaid also loves to wear a dress!

Mermaid’s Land Dress

01: ch 19 [19]

02: Start two stitches from hook. 17 dc [17]

03: ch 1 and turn, 3 sc, skip 3 stitches and ch 4, 5 sc, skip 3 stitches and ch 4, 3 sc [19]

04: ch 2 and turn, 3 dc inc, 4 dc, dc inc, 3 dc, dc inc, 4 dc, 3dc inc [27]

05: ch 2 and turn, (dc inc, 1 dc) x 13, dc inc [41]

06: join both sides together, so that you will now be working in rounds,

ch 3, 40 tb, dc in last stitch [41]

07: slip stitch, (ch 4, skip 2 stitches, slip stitch) x13, slip stitch

Fasten off.

Sew in the tail ends.

If you want, sew on a button to the back of the dress, or attach a piece of string to the back and tie a bow. This will make the back of the dress more neat.


Enjoy your Little Mermaid Amigurumi! Isn’t she sweet! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! You can always add some finishing touches, such as add beading to her hair or sequins to her dress and mermaid fin!

Copyright Craft Alotl 2023. For personal use only. You are not allowed to sell, distribute or publish this pattern in any form.

mermaid dolls

We love how well the meraid bikini and tail also fits our Naomi Doll with her gorgeous curly hair!

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