3d Spider Paper Craft for Halloween

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Here we have a lovely 3d Paper Spider Craft – or more specifically a wonderful 3d Spider Coloring Page! It is actually a part of our 3d Bug Coloring Pages that we shared late spring/ early summer.. but I thought it was too cute not to make it as a 3d Halloween Paper Craft as well! Because it is.. well simply adorable! And of course super easy to make!

3d Spider Paper Craft
First shared in May 2023

This 3d Paper Spider is a great Halloween Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers, though I think kids of all ages would love to make this too. You can really have fun with exploring colors and patterns when deciding how to decorate the spider’s web and of course the little spider itself!

Whilst on the topic of 3d Paper Spiders, you may also love this this little guy – we made him a few years ago and STILL love to decorate with him every year. So easy to make too!

You only need circles and strips of black paper to make this 3d spider!

This little 3d Spider also available as part of a set of 5 Creepy Crawlies here:

5 insect coloring pages 3d

Today’s 3d Paper Colorng Page – you will need:

3d spider coloring page halloween
  • Per student/ per spider – one piece of white printer paper
  • Pens, markers, pencils, watercolours (your choice! We used watercolours for the background and marker pens fo the 3d insect themselves)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Your (currently free) Printable 3d SPIDER Coloring Pages (hosted on gumroad for ease.. please enter $0 at check out). This comes as set of 5 Bug Coloring Pages that you can purchase!

The printables are hosted on gumroad for ease.. please enter $0 at check out. Though you are welcome to add a tip if you wish!

full set of printables

How to use your 3d Spider Paper Craft Print

So! Let’s make our 3d paper spider. Print out your spider printable.

color in your web

Grab your water colors and colour in your web. Don’t worry about going over your spider’s legs – especially if you plan to colour them in black anyway!

add detail to the web

I went over the web twice to add a little contrast to the web itself – you can see the darker lines. Let dry fully!

color the spider's body

Color in the spider’s body (in fact you can cut the body part of the paper off and do this whilst the web is drying!).

cut out

Cut the spider out!

glue the body

Add a bit of glue to the back of the front of the body and line up with the legs. Glue in place. Add glue to the back and glue down.

glue the head

Add glue to both ends of the head and align the head with the body and glue the other part down.

side view of spider

You can adjust the postioning a little if you want and make a slightly bigger or thinner head, depending on where you place these parts!

cute paper spider printable

Your cute little spider is finshed! How fun?

Now make the other Bug Paper Crafts too if you wish.. but as mentioned, I do think the spider is the best one as a 3d Halloween Paper Craft!

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