3d Paper Cactus Decoration

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We do love to revisit popular craft ideas.. and here is a wonderful 3d Paper Cactus Decoration to celebrate the anniversary of mye Easy Paper Projects book! A great opportunity to share this adorable tutorial with you. This is a super easy paper craft that kids will love. Perfect for summer crafting! They also a great Mexican Party Decoration.

3d Paper Cactus Craft

If you are looking to decorate for a Cinco de Mayo Crafts session or Party or celebrating Mexican Indepence Day in the classroom, why not add this cute and easy paper decor to your “must make” list? Great Mexican Crafts for kids to enjoy. The process is simple and you can create many of your own 3d Paper Cacti using the same process. Perfect Party Decor with a summer or mexican twist!

Let’s make a 3d Paper Cactus

Thcese paper cacti are super quick and easy to make. What is particularly fabulous about them, is that you don’t need a template, so you can create all sorts of wonderful and interesting shapes, making each cactus unique. Make them in large, or small – depending on your decorating needs!

Supplies needed per Cactus

  • Per medium sized cactus 3 sheets of A5 paper
  • Paper scraps for decorating or tissue paper to make little flowers


  • Scissors
  • Pens/ markers
  • Glue stick

How to make a Paper Cactus

Step 1: Begin by creating a folded paper stack:

how to make a paper cactus

Take three sheets of paper and fold each sheet of paper in half length wise (Image 1)

Add glue to one side of the first sheet of paper (Image 2)

Place the second sheet of paper on top of the first sheet and glue together. Make sure the creases are on the same side (Image 3)

Repeat with the second and third sheet of paper. Until all three sheets are glued together into a stack (Image 4)

Step 2: You have created the 3d shape for you cactus:

create the 3d shape

Add glue to the outside of the top sheet of paper fold open and glue to the side on the bottom sheet. You should now have a 3d shape as shown in the images.

Step 3: Time to doodle your cacti designs

draw a cactus

Flatten again and draw the outline of a cactus. Here are the examples below for inspiration. Note: the centre of cactus is on the fold of two sheets of paper.

Cut out & decorate with pens and makers.

make paper flowers

Cut out simple paper flowers and glue on.

Top tip: Scrunched up tissue paper would make lovely little cactus flowers too!

Repeat on all sides. Open up and you have your first cactus finished!

variations in cacti

Here are more examples of different cactus shapes and flowers. Experiment and have fun!

3d Paper Cactus Craft

So cute!!!!

If you love this craft, why not check out my Easy Paper Projects book? Available in good bookstores in the US or if you are based in UK, I have some (author) copies left in my Ebay shop!

easy paper projects book
Spot our paper cactus on the front cover! So cute!

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