37+ Minion DIY Ideas for Minions The Rise of Gru

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With new movie out – Minions: The Rise of Gru and taking the cinemas by storm (and ahem, as certain Gentleminion Trend), I thought it would be fun to revisit some of our most fun Minion DIY Ideas today!! I mean.. who doesn’t love the minions and a cute minion craft. Right?!

37+ Minion Paper Crafts & Despicable Me Printables - Love those lovablable Minions? Love Minion DIY Ideas... take a look at these fabulous collection of Minion Paper Crafts. Some to make from scratch, some with fabulous printables. Hooray for Minions and Paper Crafts!
The perfect craft for any Minion Fan!

Soooo who loves the MINIONS?? We can’t wait to see the new Minions movie and it’s oh so funny and lovable Minion Characters. My kids are soooo excited. In order to get into the Minion groove so to speak, I thought some Minion Craft Ideas would be in order.

Today we begin with some Minion Paper Craft Ideas, with lots more Minion DIYs to follow. But because we LOVE Paper Crafts here on Red Ted Art so much, I thought a special Minion Paper Crafts post would be in order.

There are two parts to this – the Minion Paper Crafts where you “just need paper” and some fabulous Minion Paper Crafts where you can simply hit “print” and get a fabulous set of Minion Printables to download!

Remember we like to update these posts over time.. so do pop back every so often to see what I have added!

Minion Paper Craft – Getting ready!

  • If you are going to be crafting minions from scratch.. you will want to stock up on yellow and blue paper. (We got ours here >>> US/UK)
  • You will also need a good glue stick (we prefer these >>> US/ UK)
  • And of course scissors (our favourite scissors for kids are these – they cut really well and are ambidextrous >>> US/ UK)

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Minion Paper Craft Ideas

Making DIY Minions is relatively easy, you need some key features – the yellow body, the goggles (whether one eyed goggles or two eyed goggles) and the blue overalls. With these three elements in mind, it is relatively easy to get Minion Crafting!

And check out this fabulous 3D Quilled Minion (Part 1, visit YouTube for the rest)

Minion Paper Crafts: Card Making Ideas

We love DIY Cards. Whether you are making Minion Birthday Cards or One In a Minion Valentine’s Day cards, here are some cute ideas to get you started on your own DIY Minion Card Making ideas!

Minion DIY Costume Ideas

These work really well as Halloween costumes too! They will make the perfect trick or treat outfit.

DIY Inspired has this super cute and easy DIY Minion Costume idea. Doesn’t it look great? I love the simplicity of it and yet how effective it is – the DIY Minion Goggles are just the best. Such a clever tutorial to mix and match with some overalls and a yellow shirt!

Or alternatively for kids – they may enjoy this super simple paper bag Minion DIY Costume. My kiddos were never too keen on a full dress up.. but wearing a mask? Oh yes, that worked great!

Minion Printables

These Despicable Me Printables are all free.. and are a great way to speed up the Minion Paper Craft making. There are some great Minion Printables for parties and birthdays, as well as some fun educational Minion Printables. As before, I WILL be adding to these over time.. so do come back and see what is new in the land of Minion Printables!!

Minions Themed Printables – Worksheets and coloring pages

  • Printable Minion Packs – includes letter tracing and dot marking pages – by 1 + 1 + 1 + 1
  • Despicable Me Wordsearch by Halegrafx (pop one into a party bag?)

Minion Printables – Parties

The Rise of Gru: Printables Food

I hope you find these Minion Paper Crafts and Minoions Printables useful! Happy Crafting!