Easy Pop Up Butterfly Card

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More fun with Pop Up Card Ideas with this super duper easy Pop Up Butterfly Card! Seriously, one the easiest pop up cards to make with kids and super pretty too!

This would make a great Mother’s Day Card or Teacher Appreciation card or of course Birthday Card.. etc etc. We do love Card Making with kids, whatever the occasion!

Pop up butterfly card idea
First shared in June 2019

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Easy Butterfly Pop Up Cards – Materials

  • An A5 Card (we used a green one)
  • Some black paper – ours was 21cm long and 6cm high (but white can work too and you can decorate it with pens!)
  • Some orange paper (to decorate)
  • Scraps for additional decorating if you wish (e.g. blades of grass)
  • A little white paint & tooth pick for the monarch butterfly wing’s details!
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

If you do not have black paper to craft with.. make these in white and decorate as an “ordinary” butterfly! We happened to have the black paper and thought it was perfect for a pop up monarch butterfly card!

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Down below we have our “usual” How To Video on auto play, but do follow the step by step instructions if you prefer.

Pop Up Butterflies Cards – Step by Step instructions

Making your pop up butterflies

Concertina paper for paper chain

Concertina your white paper in aproximately 3.5cm folds. They need to super neat with each edge aligning perfectly.

Cutting a paper butterfly

Draw a half a butterfly – make sure the tip of the butterfly wing is on the side that “flaps open” and also that it goes right to the edge – you will need a straight edge there so the butterflies to not fall apart, a bit like a Paper Doll Chain. The centre of the butterfly should be on the closed side. I actually made myself a little butterfly template and found it easier to do it that way. Whatever works. Just make sure you fold your paper in the exact width of your template! The butterfly template has to touch both sides!!

Cut out the butterlies. When you open it up you should have 3 butterflies connected together.

Decorating your butterflies

Collage of Pop up butterfly card idea

Time to decorate! I decided to turn my butterfly into monarch butterflies by adding orange paper to the cut and some little white dots with paint! But experiment and see what you like! Once I had a basic “shape” cut out in orange, I cute 5 more so all the butterflies are symmetrical.

I also decided to decorate the card by cutting thin triangles and sticking them down as blades of grass.

Assembling your pop up butterfly card

Pop up butterfly card idea

Add glue to the back of the two “outside butterfly” HALVES and carefully stick down on your card!

Your card is finished. You can now write your Birthday or Mother’s Day wishes.. or you add additional decorations such as flowers or a sky with clouds! Your imagination is the limit!

Such an easy pop up card idea for Mother’s Day or for a Pop Up Birthday Card. Enjoy!

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Hope you have fun with all these Card Making ideas!!! Happy crafting and happy sending!

This paper butterfly card video tutorial is also available on youtube: