Among Us Mini Notebooks with just Pen & Paper

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Oh we do love a simple paper craft for kids! And in my house mini notebooks are high on the agenda! You have seen our Among Us Bookmark.. and now it is time for Among Us Mini Notebooks! This time, all you need is printer paper and pencils! Though you can of course use the same coloured paper technique as for the bookmarks!

among us mini notebooks

What I love about these mini notebooks, is that you really only need white printer paper and some pens. No more “hunting around” for “just the right coloured paper” or using up precious resources.. this is a fun craft that kids can enjoy in a spare 10-15min.

The white paper also means, it is easy to actually write in your notebook too!

The great think about using colouring pencils to decorate these mini notebooks from one sheet of paper, is that you can practice any shading skills that you have been looking at in class! Though I think these would be a great if you are to start a new homeschool year too!

To make an Among Us Mini Notebook you will need:

  • One sheet of paper (we used A4)
  • Scissors
  • Pencils or pens for decorating (though pencils better for shading)
among us notebook

How to make this super simple mini notebook

These mini books are really easy to make. We have made many DIY notebooks on this site.. and I think this version may be my favourite. Quick, easy and useful.

Watch the how to video or follow the simple instructions..

Step by Step Mini Notebook How To

I have also borrowed some step photos from our Book Review Notebook – as the blue background makes it easier to see!

Begin by folding your piece of paper length wise, then open it again.

Next, fold you paper across it’s width.

Fold one flap up to meet the middle and repeat on the other side. So you have a W shape. When you unfold the paper, you should be able to see 8 segments.

how to make a mini notebook
(This is one of our book review printables.. but you ordinary paper will do the trick!)

Fold these flaps down again. And now you should have a crease going half way. Cut along this.

Open up your paper. Fold length wise again.

how to make a mini notebook

Push the paper together to fold into a booklet!


Now it is time to decorate your Among Us Mini Notebooks

how to draw among us

Again, the video shows you how I drew the Among Us Game Character. But I have also got some stills for you take a look.

Begin with the visor.

Then the backpack – the backpack goes from around 1/4 from the top, down to 1/4 from the bottom.

Now draw the rounded shape and legs.

Time to start shading. First add a little blue shading to the visor.

practice your among us shading

Next gently colour in the whole Among Us Game Character in your chosen colour.

Now go over it a bit more “strongly” as per the images above to allow for the shading.

Next, I did one more layer of gentle shading across all of the character to even it out!

Finally, with a pen, add the outlines. It is VERY important that the backpack and the opposite edge of the Among Us character go right up to the edges.

cutting the final among us mini notebook shape

Now you can round off the top and cut out the legs. Your Among Us Mini Notebook is done! Make more!

Among us hats

If you wish you can watch the Among Us hat tutorial and add some cute hats too:

Among Us Mini Notebooks

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