3d Yarn Wrapped Snowman Craft

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We love a cute craft for Christmas!! We have been making a number of Yarn Christmas Crafts recently.. and our cute Yarn Ball Ornaments, made me think, they would be perfect as 3d Yarn Wrapped Snowman craft too! The knitting needle version is super easy.

3d Yarn Wrapped Snowman

This snowman version, is a TINY bit more involved, but still easy and fun. And I LOVE that it is based all around newspapers! Make it eco friendly too!

I am amazed at how versatile newspaper crafts can be. And how you can still easily make a “perfect” sphere from newspapers. No need to polystyrene balls – they are terrible for the environment. And why “buy” something when you can make it for free from old newspapers? Right?

3d Yarn Wrapped Snowman – Materials:

  • White yarn or wool (though light blue would look lovely too!)*
  • Newspaper (one double sheet and one 3/4 sheet)
  • Bakers twine for hanging
  • “Bits and bobs” for decorating – work with what you have, I used some ribbon, felt, pom poms and pipecleaners… but improvise
  • Hot glue gun (this is the main difference to the knitting needle yarn ball ornament craft)

*the yarn I used was quite thin, which meant, I ended up using a almost a whole 50g ball of wool for this. But I think if wrapped carefully, you can probably use less!

newspaper ball

How to make a 3d Yarn Wrapped Snowman Tutorial

As per usual, we have our how to video tutorial or step by step instructions below! I will be naughty and “borrow” some of the step photos from the Yarn Ball tutorial – but only because they are in red and therefore easy to see! Please make sure you read the description too – as it provides additional information!

Make your first Snowman Ball

Make this in white or light blue:

scrunch up your newspaper

Begin by taking a double sheet of newspaper and scrunching it into a tight ball. This gives you a large Yarn Wrapped Ornament. You can of course make it bigger or smaller – as you wish. For the kebab stick knitting needles, this is a great size. For toothpick knitting neeldes use one sheet of newspaper or even less.

yarn wrapped around newspaper

Take some yarn, hold it in place and start wrapping around your newspaper ball. Be sure to regularly change directions and angles, so that you get a nice evenly spread yarn ball ornament at the end.

Keep wrapping…

Keep wrapping….

wrapped yarn ornament

Check of any gaps and keep wrapping. It doesn’t actually need THAT much yarn, as the newspaper fills out the centre nicely.

knotting the yarn to secure it

Once you are happy, simply secure the yarn with a little knot and tie it under.

Make a SECOND white yarn wrapped ball

I sued 3/4 of a double sheet to make the second ball for the head – so I wanted the snowman’s head to be just a little smaller. I thought 1/2 the size of the first ball was a bit too small, so added another 1/4… but basically, scrunch up your newspaper and take a “look” to see if you like the size together.

Connect your yarn wrapped snow balls

knotting the yarn

Knot the two balls together.

connecting the yarn balls

Then heat up your hot glue gun. Add a little glue and “squish together” until secured.

Decorating your yarn wrapped snowman

Now it is time to have some fun with all your crafty “bits and bobs”. Hunt around and see what you have! Maybe you can use mini split pins for eyes? Maybe you want to use googly eyes?

I used some felt for the eyes, nose and “buttons” – maybe you have some real buttons you would like to use.

Similarly I had some pretty ribbon to use for the scarf – but you could use some more felt, or even tishirt yarn/ sraps/ finger knitted scarves.. have a play!

Finally – I added some pom poms and and pipecleaners for the ear muffs – if you don’t have any, you can leave these out, your snowman will still look cute! Maybe you would like to add a homemade broom instead?

This bit is working with what you have already and experimenting!!

Final assembly

hot gluing the snowman's features

Once you have all your “bits”, hot glue it all together.

If you wish, you can add some baker’s twine for hanging in a tree or glue on a base as a stand up snowman decoration.

cute snowman diy


snowman craft

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