How to make Among Us Game Character Bookmarks

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Well, the latest craze is here. Everyone is playing – Among Us!!! Will you be the imposter in the next game?! Either way, if, like my kids, you are an Among Us Game fan… you will surely love our How to make Among Us Game Character Bookmarks tutorial. That’s right.. finally, another Corner Bookmark Design just for you! Nice and easy of course!

among us bookmark
First shared in Nov 2020

As soon as I made these the kids (and all their friends wanted more more more). So we will be having a crafternoon session soon, I think and making more of these fun little game characters. It really is a super easy craft and the results are cute.

Have you got a favourite colour and favourite hat? Which would you make first?

Among Us Bookmark Corner – Materials

  • coloured paper in the desired colour (15 x 15cm is a great size) + an extra strip
  • paper scraps from making Among Us hats (optional)
  • + blue paper scrap for the Among Us visor
  • scissors
  • glue
among us

How to make Among Us Bookmark Corners

Yes that is right.. we have the fabulous Among Us Video tutorials! This time there are two to watch – the basic Among Us Corner Bookmark (auto playing now), as well as the Among Us Hat tutorial. They are both sweet and short! And hopefully will show you how very easy these Among Us Bookmarks are to make! Though you can read the step by step instructions for the basic bookmark below!

Once you have made the bookmarks, check out on of our 4 Among Us Hat designs:

Step by Step Among Us Corner Bookmarks

You will need to make a basic corner bookmark as per our Origami Bookmark Instructions here (detailed photos and steps available).

shaping the among us bookmark

Once you have the basic bookmark. Rotate it into the position that you want it to sit in your book and trim off a strip – to make the square bookmark rectangular.

Add glue to the back of the bookmark and stick down on to the same coloured paper and trip – this created a nice “back” to your bookmark too.

Round off the edges And cut some legs.

Cut out a small blue rectangle. Then curve the corners and add a black outline.

Glue in place.

Draw a backpack onto the back of your bookmark.

among us side view

If you want your bookmark to be “side on” view – glue the visor to the left or right of your Among Us Game Character. Cut out an additional square for the backpack and stick in position.

Among us hats

For the Among Us Hat DIY, do check out the second video above – as it shows you the best way to draw each one and add different features. Aren’t they fun?

among us hat bookmarks

What do you think? Will you give this easy paper craft a go? I think they make a great little gift that kids can make their friends this Christmas. Relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

Don’t forget, I have an adorable Among Us notebook too! The notebooks are made using just WHITE paper and pens.. so in case you don’t have the right colours handy, you can still have a go at making both these crafts (using the same colouring technique for corner bookmarks too)!

among us notebook

If you loved this craft.. check out these TP Roll Among Us characters too:

TP Roll Among Us

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