27 Easy Apple Craft Ideas

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Time for some easy Apple Crafts for Kids! I love the lovely apple reds and apple greens, the round simple shapes, that lend themselves perfectly for creating apple crafts for kids! Hope you like our Apple Craft Ideas! If you love autumn and are looking for Autumn Crafts for Kids, we have a  great big list for you to browse!

20 Apple Crafts for Fall - these apple DIY Ideas are just so cute. The kids will love having a go? Will it be apple print wreaths, yarn wrapped apple garlands or this adorable Paper Plate Apple and worm? Great Apple Crafts for Preschoolers to discover and have a go at! #apples #applecrafts #fall #autumn #backtoschool #teachers
Note: this Apple Crafts for Kids post was first publish in Sept 2014 – but has been updated (with MORE fabulous Apple Craft Ideas) and republish for your convenience.

Soooo… you may have noticed that we have gone a little APPLE MAD here recently.. well it IS apple season.. and apple crafts are such a lovely way to celebrate Autumn….

To help guide you through this article, I have split it into two sections – Apple Crafts for Preschoolers and Apple Crafts for kids. The first is meant to be a little simpler and more straight forward. BUT of course kids of all age groups can pick and choose between the different activities. They much need a little more help!

Let’s take a peak at these lovely fall crafts today.

 Now, without further ado… here are the fantastic Apple Crafts & Activities.

Apple Crafts for Preschoolers

Let’s begin with the wonderful set of kids that are PRESCHOOLERS. When my kids where younger – ie toddler and preschooler age – they had an abundant love for crafting and getting stuck in. They wanted to have a go at everything and anything.. however their fine motor skills and dexterity were not always at a level that enabled them to “keep up”.

Finding the right sort of craft for preschoolers, is rewarding for both the child and the adult. They can enjoy the process as much as the end result. Here are some great Apple Crafts for Preschoolers, that will hopefully delight both children and adults alike. Sometimes it is hard to get the “age” exactly right, in which case a little assitance from the adult is called for. But I do hope you enjoy the following apple crafts for toddlers.

Wrapped Yarn Apples – string them into a garland

I have always loved these “Stuffed Apples” what a clever way to upcycle paper bags into this cute paper apple craft! Such a great lacing activity for your kindergarteners or preschoolers!

Apple Playdough Prompt (no cook recipe)

How fun are these Apple Playdough Mats?

Apple Picking Craft & Activity – lots of fun! This is ideal for anyone looking for some cute apple tree crafts!

Love all sorts of Coffee Filter Art, these apples are lovely – this suncatcher is a great alternative to contact paper and tissue paper – as using coffee filters is more eco friendly and bio degradable!

Love how cute these construction paper apples are! Perfect for small hands and a great fine motor activity. More info over on Twitchetts!

Need cute apple crafts? Then how about this Egg Carton Apple & Worm Craft (how cute?!). That pipe cleaner worm is just too cute!

Of course we must not forget the Paper Plate Apple Craft. After all paper plates are what preschool crafts are all about! Make this cute Apple Paper Plate & Worm! Don’t forget to add the leaf!

Simple Yarn Apples for Preschoolers

Adorable Pinecone Apple trees. How fun!

Fun with Apple Collages! Go on a “red” colour hunt first. These would be great as a paper platea apple craft too!

More fun with apple tree crafts. Not only is this and adorable DIY Apple Tree (made from Cardboard Tubes) but you can also “pick the apples” and pop them into your pot. Great for DIY games or counting activities!

Love how easy this Yarn Apple Garland is! More info on The Best Ideas for Kids.

Of course we need to do some apple stamping too. I also adore this newspaper and apple print bunting. Just wonderful. More info over on The Artful Parent! Grab your little buddy and have a go!

Apple Crafts for Kids & Grown Ups

Time for more fun apple crafts for older kids – this time we are looking at elementary school children (primary school in the UK) and upwards!

The apple crafts for kids section is really a apple crafts for “all”. Some may be appropriate for younger kids too, especially if you enjoy crafting TOGETHER. But don’t be tempted to “take over” from them. Teehee.

Anyway, everyone works at a different levels of dexterity and fine motor skills, and you may also enjoy some of the apple crafts for the preschool section (I certainly do)! I hope you enjoy them all.

5minute Plastic Bottle Apple – love how oh so simple and yet effective these are! Fill with lunch time treats or turn them into a fabulous Teacher’s gift!

Pom Pom Apples – great as Zipper pulls, keyrings, pretend play or a small teacher’s gift!

Super Easy Apple Pinch Pots – the kids will love this easy Autumn craft! This makes for a great alternative apple art project whilst learning all about using air dry clay!

Easy Paper Apple Bookmark Corners. Pop them over your bookmark corner to save your space.

Or how about these adorable Kawaii Apple Girl’s? Aren’t they fun?? Learn how to make a corner bookmark Apple for teacher!

Alternatively try this felt verison – Cute Apple Bookmarks!

Teach the kids to sew with these lovely Apple Bean Bags

Paper Cup Apple (Gift box or decoration)

Recycled Lid Apple Crafts (so sweet)

Here is a great paper plate craft – weaving apples. Isn’t this Woven Apple Craft fantastic? Such a clever yarn apple craft indeed!

Crafts with real apples – apple stamps & more!

And if you have an abundance of apples on your apple tree.. too many that you can’t actually eat and cook them all, you may enjoy some of these apple printing craft ideas, as well as some great simple apple recipes to do with kids.

Apple Print Wrapping Paper – we do love apple stamps!

Or create beautiful Apple Tree Art (giant!!!) you could even make the base of this apple tree a handprint tree?

Apple Print Wreath (LOVELY)

Apple Print Banner

Monster Apple Faces (hilarious)

Combine apple science, with fun, with after school snack time!!!

Cooking with Kids: Super Simple Baked Apples

Finally, some delicious Fruit Leather

Finally how about some dried Apple Star Ornaments? So sweet!

Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive Autumn Crafts for Kids list here:

Have fun with our apple craft ideas!! See you here again soon.