Baseball Headband Craft & Coloring Page

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If you are after super simple baseball craft, give these printable baseball headbands a go. They are available in full color or a black and white/ coloring pages.. part of our simple set of sports crafts for kids!

Simple printable basebell craft coloring pages

baseball craft

To make your Baseball Headbands you will need:

  • Paper or cardstock of choice (e.g. white for students to add drawings/ wrirings, full color if making this as a quick cutting activity)
  • A pair of child friendly scissors
  • Stapler/ tape or glue stick for final assembly
  • The Printable

I continue to make Red Ted Art Craft Activity as accesible as possible and have provided a free version of this Printable Baseball Craft once again. You can get the full color as a free printable by enter $0 at check out here. Alternatively, you can get the full set in the Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s or on Gumroad if that works better for you!

full set of printables

Making this easy Baseball Headband craft:

Making these headbands or hats is super duper easy! Your preschooler will be sporting their basketball headwear in now time.

The printable also has these basic instructions!

1. Print onto white paper or light cardstock

2. Cut out shapes you want to use

3. Tape or staple paper rectangles to make head band and to fit size of child’s head add

4. Decorate with shapes & pens (you may want to add team names to the headband or some glitter and pom poms or your preschooler may want to give drawing a baseball a go)


Your simple Baseball craft is done!

Youcan also make a Sports Ball Wreath in my Gumroad store or in the Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store – or just use the football printballs and make it into a football wreath only:

Check out our Basketball Hat Here:

basketball headbands